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Full-cycle automation accelerates Visma|Raet’s digital transformation

Process Discovery and RPA help align business units and meet aggressive efficiency and productivity goals

Nintex’s full-cycle automation is allowing Visma|Raet to align its business units and meet aggressive efficiency and productivity goals while building a larger portfolio of RaaS deployments. Through better data and techniques, along with the possibilities brought by AI, the company is looking forward to more customer-facing RPA opportunities.

With Nintex’s full-cycle automation, Visma|Raet’s subject matter experts became proficient citizen developers, who quickly delivered robotized processes. The solution’s ease of use made automation easy, fast, and transparent. Citizen developers can simply record a process, fine-tune it with a rich set of advanced commands, test it, and provide the RPA team with a process that needs only slight tweaking before it’s up and running in production.

Along with concrete advances in productivity and profitability, employee attitudes toward robotics have shifted from fear of lost jobs to excitement for the next processes to be automated. Workers across departments have seen that increased efficiency brings freedom to do more and provides greater benefits to customers, drives customer satisfaction, and helps to power the bottom line.

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Capabilities Used
Robotic Process Automation
Process Identification

Who they are

Visma|Raet is part of Norway-based Visma AS, one of Europe’s leading providers of business cloud software solutions. The company services the private and public sectors, providing customers that range from SMBs to larger enterprises with all HR-related software.

What they need

To support its digital transformation goals, the company needed an accessible process discovery and RPA tool that didn’t’ require employees to have an RPA background or extensive technical training.

How they did it

Nintex’s full-cycle automation, an end-to-end solution that includes automated process discovery, direct deployment to RPA, and analytics in one unified platform met every one of Visma|Raet’s goals.

Full-cycle automation

With Nintex’s full-cycle automation powered by process discovery, Visma|Raet has automated nearly 100 processes across the organization. More than 70 processes have been automated within the Business Processing Outsourcing unit, six within the Customer Success unit, and some initial processes within Finance, which recently started with process discovery.

In addition, the company implemented several processes as Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS), essentially providing a new service for their end customers, who now get access to production-ready automations.

This is a new, ‘win-win’ business model that leverages the investment in already robotized processes from the BPO unit while also encouraging the latter to create more unified, generic business practices.

Nintex’s full-cycle automation gives us both the structure and the freedom to automate and innovate, easily and quickly. The solution is critical to drive internal efficiency and help us speed and scale the RPA impact. A great bonus is that generic, best practice BPO processes also become available to our software-only customers as Robotics-as-a-Service.
Tom van Dael, Finance & IT Director, Visma|Raet
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