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Kuwait International Bank deposits annual savings with workflow

Productivity gains to enhance employee and customer experience

Accounts payable, help desk, legal, human resources, security, retail banking, finance, customer service, operations, real estate, corporate banking, IT… it might be faster just to tell you which departments at Kuwait International Bank don’t speed their workflows with Nintex. (In fact, all of them do.)

It’s not hard to understand why. The bank achieves significant annual productivity gains through its use of Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms to automate about 150 processes. It uses much of that productivity gain to enhance both its customer and employee experience, which in turn helps to increase competitiveness and market share.

Kuwait International Bank
Financial Services
Capabilities Used
Automation Cloud

Who they are

Founded in 1973, Kuwait International Bank is a publicly traded company providing banking services to both consumers and businesses.

What they need

The bank was creating workflows manually in SharePoint but wanted a better, faster way to support more complex business processes.

How they did it

The bank now uses Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms throughout the bank, for processes including customer service, employee experience, and software development.

Faster, easier software development improves customer and employee experience

Customers now get responses to their applications for credit cards in an hour; it used to take three days. Loan applications are handled in two days, down from two weeks, a time savings of 80%. Customer service requests—for example, to address a transaction issue at an ATM—are handled more accurately and more promptly as well. The bank uses Nintex to integrate internal services with its omnichannel customer service, so call center agents can access resources in a range of departments to satisfy customers.

On the employee experience side, the bank uses Nintex Workflows to speed and automate internal processes so employees can complete their work with less effort and greater accuracy. Nintex helps to ensure that the correct steps are taken in the correct order, reducing the need for rework. And because there’s complete transparency into the progress and status of workflows, managers have a better, fuller understanding of which processes, and employees, are working smoothly and which can benefit from intervention.

As the bank’s needs have grown, its use of Nintex has grown far beyond that first use as a workflow engine. Now, the bank is preparing to adopt Nintex RPA® to help fuel its digital transformation.

We can serve customers better and faster in multiple ways by automating processes with Nintex Workflow — which supports our goals for customer satisfaction and overall growth.
Mohammed Alatari, Senior Manager, Application Development and Support, Kuwait International Bank
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