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ClearView Simplifies Processes and Eliminates Inconsistencies

Process standardization drives efficiency and productivity

As ClearView grew and new employees came on board, inconsistencies in its processes became increasingly clear. Some employees were unaware of changes in processes, and proper documentation to support these process updates was not in place. Additionally, new staff members took different approaches, pulling the company further away from a centralized system. ClearView needed to overcome these difficulties and implement a new system that would clarify processes, drive continuous improvement and maximize productivity.

Finding Success

Simplified process for documenting procedures.

Helped drive continuous improvement mindset within the company.

Centralized process information for access anywhere.

Financial Services
Capabilities Used
Process Manager

Who they are

ClearView is an ASX-listed company that manages more than $6.9 billion in funds and $148 million in life insurance policies. ClearView has provided financial services to Australians since 1976.

What they needed

Standardized and well-documented processes and improved workflow.

How they did it

Implemented Nintex Promapp® to document and improve processes company wide.

Improvement in Process Mapping Leads to Well-Documented and Standardized Processes

After implementing Nintex Promapp® and providing training sessions to drive staff engagement, ClearView saw a dramatic shift organizational productivity. Nintex Promapp® simplified the company’s process for documenting procedures, which lead to increased employee awareness and productivity.

Providing a single source of information, Nintex Promapp® helped foster a continuous improvement mindset within the company, where the software is a visual representation of how ClearView operates. This opened the door to standardized processes across the company, increasing access to and engagement with process information.

The simple, easy-to-use interface of Nintex Promapp® integrated seamlessly with the company’s “do simple” approach, helping ClearView create forms that allow employees to manage workflow in areas like complaints, incidents and claim notifications. Each of these forms is linked back to the processes so that changes are clearly communicated and identified. With processes documented and simplified, ClearView is now implementing a continuous improvement program, using the software to focus on quality and reporting.

Nintex Promapp® ensures that owners of processes are alerted when any changes are made, thus ensuring quality and consistency at all times. It has proven to be a very valuable tool for our company.
Matthew Ream, Business Process Analyst, ClearView
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