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The top 5 ways to automate HR processes with Nintex

Today, more and more organizations are turning to automation to streamline and secure their HR processes. But fear not, we aren’t descending into a dystopian future, where workplace grievances will be resolved by cold, dismissive robots, just yet. When organizations automate HR processes, they aren’t trying to eliminate the need for HR staff. They do it with the view of making the role of HR professional more fulfilling, efficient, and productive.

HR will always require a distinctly human understanding and empathy that isn’t possible to emulate with a machine. But automated HR systems make this human connection easier to reach, by cutting out time-sucking tasks and repetitive admin work. Let’s look at some of the benefits automated HR systems bring.

The benefits of automated HR systems

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of automating your HR system is the time your team can save on day-to-day tasks. This then gives them more scope for engaging in more meaningful HR activities that require the specific skills they were hired for.

Automation also makes it possible to standardize processes within your organization that should be consistent. The onboarding process, for example. New employees get a consistent onboarding experience and have what they need to hit the ground running. All the documents they are required to sign, for instance, are served to them in good time and the filing process for your HR staff is taken care of automatically.

When you automate HR processes, such as training programs or benefits systems, they can become “self-serve”, empowering your employees with accessible control over their own HR processes. This can reduce bottlenecks for your HR team, as well as other teams that may otherwise have been involved in the process.

Let’s look at five popular HR processes you can automate today.

The top 5 ways to automate HR processes

  1. Employee onboarding

Once a new employee accepts a job offer, there are several actions required from HR. First the introduction from the team member who will be leading the onboarding, then comes the document signing – new employee agreements, identity verification and work contracts, etc. By automating the delivery of these documents, and subsequent follow-ups—not to mention all the other tasks in the onboarding process, like IT setup, first week of meetings, and so on—you’ll save your HR team time, reduce human error and create a smoother, more reliable onboarding experience for new employees. 

  1. Background checks

Identity verification, collecting references and running more in-depth security checks, background checks can be lengthy and complicated process, with a lot of moving parts. Some companies outsource this to third parties, but not every organization can afford this.

By automating this part of the process you will, again, reduce the need for interaction with your HR team, allowing them to get on with other more complicated work. It also means that no stages are accidentally missed or completed in error.

  1. Training new employees

In-person training is something that isn’t going to be automated, as this wouldn’t be practical for many teams. However, when it comes to basic training, such as learning to use the company CRM or other tools, automated self-serve training programs could be the way forward.

Self-serve programs can be accessed any time and from anywhere, so employees can choose a time that works for them to learn. But automation doesn’t just refer to delivery. During live training there are also other processes, such as scheduling training sessions, recording attendance and completion rates that can be automated to save training staff time.

  1. Recruitment

Finding the right talent can be a long and arduous process. Sometimes it can even be difficult to identify which area of your company needs to expand. When you automate HR processes such as recruitment, you allow software to identify where new hires are required.

Automation software will also aid the hiring process by reducing time to hire and removing human bias from the recruitment process.

  1. Performance reviews

Performance reviews can be sensitive subjects. If an employee is struggling to perform then there must be a process to help them. Sometimes performance reviews are used when they aren’t needed, or as a form of discipline. To prevent these malpractices, standardized automated HR systems can be implemented to do away with misuse by managers.

It also means that review practices are fair across the company, with every employee going through the same process. Automation can also allow managers to be more transparent with their employees, sharing the outline of the process, and what to expect, with them before it begins.

This all sounds good, but how do you harness automation technology if you’re not 100% confident using it? Nintex has the solution – pre-made automation templates that you can put in place to streamline your HR department.

Automating these processes with Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery

Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery offers you a collection of pre-made process map templates to help you automate HR processes. It features a number of Nintex Promapp® templates that are made specifically for HR applications:

1.New employee onboarding 

This automation template guides management, HR, and other related departments through the activities required when onboarding a new member of staff.

2.New employee background check 

This template allows you to work through a thorough procedure for the proper checks and requirements for vetting new employees.


Use this automation template to help plan and conduct training for staff, including recording attendance and completion and re-schedule missed training opportunities.


Here you can identify the need for new talent and assists in the process of the right people for the job.

5.Performance reviews 

Plan, conduct, and record performance reviews for employees in your organization more easily.

These solution accelerator templates were developed specifically to help companies like yours deal with common HR tasks through automation. But if you’re looking for more assistance or a complete process overhaul, you should choose a reliable partner to help guide you.

Finding the right partner to automate HR processes at your organization

The Solution Accelerator Templates features in this article are designed to work on the Nintex platform. Nintex have built the most comprehensive, scalable mapping and automation software in the tech world, and 50% of the Fortune 500 using our platform. Nintex has the expertise, technology and resources to help your organization streamline your HR processes.

To find out more about how we can help you to build a future-proof business process model with automated hr systems, contact our team today.

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