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virtual Technical Evangelists -Virtually Indispensable to Nintex

December 15, 2016, Author: Frank Field

There’s nothing virtual about the Nintex virtual Technical Evangelist (vTE) program. It’s a very real part of the process of getting automation into customers’ hands. virtual Technical Evangelists literally evangelize Nintex products, represent the company to customers, and contribute to the Nintex Connect community, where people turn to find answers […]


Nintex Workflow Cloud Moves into General Availability

December 12, 2016, Author: Ryan Duguid

This is an exciting time for Nintex. On Nov. 22, Nintex Workflow Cloud moved into general availability. Many of you know by now that Nintex Workflow Cloud is our new, cloud-first workflow platform; it represents everything we’ve learned here at Nintex over the last decade. I’ve actually been in the […]


Top 10 Reasons to Attend Nintex InspireX 2017

December 10, 2016, Author: admin

Conferences possess personalities. Driven by session content, shaped by the energy of attendees and flavored by the conversations taking place in the hallways, conferences become almost human. That was certainly true of InspireX. The personality of Nintex’s 1st Annual InspireX conference was bold, knowledgeable and friendly. Over three days, the conference […]

Process Automation, Workflow and Content Automation

Build Mobile Apps Fast with Nintex App Studio

December 7, 2016, Author: admin

There’s an app for that. Except … sometimes there’s not. That’s where you come in. You recognize an app opportunity and seize it. But to build mobile apps sounds all kinds of intimidating. After all, doesn’t app-building require a lot of coding? It doesn’t have to, says Nintex Director of […]

Digital Transformation, Document Generation

The Document Generation and Data Marketing Connection

December 1, 2016, Author: admin

Companies today face unprecedented challenges. Audience engagement is more fragmented than ever and the need for differentiation is critical. Companies depend on data marketing to target a specific audience with a specific message at a specific time. And customers are resonating with – and beginning to expect – messaging catered […]