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Why Amazing SharePoint Form Design Could Change Your Business

October 25, 2017, Author: Euan Gamble

We use forms all the time: when we sign up to a newsletter, when we book tickets online, when we fill out personal details on an application form. Forms are used by businesses to collect information and enable the smooth running of important business processes. But how many businesses take […]

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Why Everyone on Your Team Needs to Build Their Own Apps

October 24, 2017, Author: John Corry

Technology is evolving at a remarkable pace, and as technology advances, businesses are also faced with the pressure to evolve. How can businesses continue to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to this ever-changing environment? One good way is through building their own apps. Creating your own apps can […]

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Did You Know: Easily Adapt, Extend Your Workflows with Nintex Xtensions

October 23, 2017, Author: David Fitzpatrick

Nintex and Extensibility One of the most valuable things about the Nintex Workflow Platform is that it’s extensible. We don’t just make it easy for customers and partners to create sophisticated workflows; we also provide multiple ways for enterprises to connect their workflows to their critical applications, services, data stores, […]

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Best Practices to Automate Expense Claims Using Nintex

October 20, 2017, Author: Brad Orluk

We’ve previously featured expense reports in our Very Important Process series – as they’re one of the most common business processes, and one of the most painful. However, by implementing an expense claim solution with Nintex, organizations can streamline and simplify the process of submitting expense claims. One of the […]

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Did You Know: Leverage Salesforce Files in Nintex Drawloop

October 19, 2017, Author: Sam Sysum

With Salesforce users increasingly switching over to Salesforce Files in lieu of Notes & Attachments, we want to make sure that you are aware of all the ways you can leverage Salesforce Files within Nintex Drawloop. Here are some of the most useful:   Storing generated documents to Salesforce Files, instead of […]