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Challenges and Opportunities in the Modern Workforce and How Workflow Automation Helps

January 24, 2018, Author: admin

This blog post is based on the webinar by Ryan Duguid, Nintex SVP of Technology Strategy, and Chris Marsh, 451 Research Director on January 11th, 2018. The Modern Workplace Has Unique Characteristics The nature of the workplace is changing, and the enterprise is adapting to meet new challenges and profit […]

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New Research Exposes Link Between Staff Morale and Broken Business Processes

January 23, 2018, Author: Kristin Treat

Staff morale suffers when a business functions slowly and inefficiently, and where it feels like there is little transparency. Employees get confused, decisions seem unfair, and people get frustrated by a disorganized system. Imagine working at a company like this: Whenever you have a small IT problem, it takes hours […]

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Meet the Award-Winning Team Behind Nintex’s Responsive Forms Designer for Office 365

January 23, 2018, Author: Karina Mounivong

The release of Nintex Responsive Forms Designer in September 2017 was a highly anticipated (and celebrated!) product release. And the team behind the work, the “Thunderbirds,” was recently recognized – being named a Nintex Impact Award Team Winner. Members of the team are based in our Melbourne office and include […]

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Did You Know: 5 Great Features of the Responsive Forms Designer

January 23, 2018, Author: Nicole Prestby

The Responsive Forms Designer, now available with Nintex Forms, allows you to create beautiful and powerful forms that are automatically optimized for any device or screen size. With the rapid pace of tech advances, responsive design is becoming an increasingly necessary component to any online interactions, including at the data-capture […]

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Did You Know: Demystifying the Workflow Document Package

January 23, 2018, Author: Alex Anbarcioglu

Among the many benefits in your Nintex DocGen for Salesforce Enterprise license, one of the most powerful — yet least understood — is the Workflow Document Package. This powerful feature gives you the power to automate tasks and workflows in Salesforce, based on conditions you create. Empower your employees by freeing them from mindless tedium!  This post kicks off a series in which I’ll walk you through […]