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Improving Your Business Process Efficiency with Agile Workflows

November 30, 2017, Author: Phil Ray

Many organizations are obsessed with the speed of their business processes. But the change in today’s enterprise is more centered around customer expectations, technological advancements and market shifts. Businesses that want to remain competitive need to be able to adapt to these changes. And that requires business process agility over […]

Digital Transformation, Process Automation

How the Offboarding Process Can Be Made Less Painful With Workflow Automation

November 28, 2017, Author: admin

The employee journey begins with an acceptance of a job offer, begins in earnest through onboarding and lasts all the way to the exit interview. However, when an employee has decided to move on to a new position, the process of offboarding is often not given enough thought by employers […]

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What’s New: Rules Builder Updates for Nintex Forms in Nintex Workflow Cloud

November 28, 2017, Author: Terry Simpson

One of the key features of Nintex Forms is the Rules builder experience. It helps business owners and IT professionals create and apply rules and advanced logic to transform a simple, static form into a dynamic one that changes based on business rules and user inputs. Dynamic forms improve the […]

Best Practices, Process Automation

The Opportunity of Automating the Reference Checking Process

November 27, 2017, Author: Andrew Swanson

Reference checking is one of the most important HR processes. If references are not checked correctly, the ‘least bad’ outcome might be an embarrassment for your business and the new employee. The worst outcome is that, by hiring certain individuals to certain jobs, you may even be committing a felony. […]

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What’s New: Get and Set Box Enterprise Metadata

November 27, 2017, Author: Joshua Tan

In the recent release of the Nintex  for Box app, we provided support for getting and setting Enterprise Metadata for a file in Box. To understand more about Box Metadata and how to set it up, you can read this excellent how-to guide from Box. We’ve added two new actions to the Box Connector that provide […]