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Did You Know: Geolocation Controls in Nintex Mobile

Did you know that Nintex Mobile supports more than a dozen powerful ways – which we call “controls” – to enhance your forms? In this post, I’d like to focus on just one, the geolocation control.

This control is available on your Nintex Forms designer, in the “General Section.” You just need to drag and drop it onto the design canvas.

Geolocation 1

In this sample, we have added this functionality to the default settings. As with any other control, you can set different properties.

There are two that are specific to this control: Location Button Text and Manual Input.

geolocation 2

Location Button lets you specify the text to display on the geolocation label. By default, it is set to “Use my location”
Manual Input has three possible values: Enable, Disable and Hide.

The control is a bit different on mobile devices. In this sample, you can see the Mobile view of the form with a new control at the bottom:

geolocation 3Tap on this control to open a map with your current location. You can use this location or use the search box to find another place or location or address.

geolocation 4Now you can confirm that location by clicking/tapping on the check mark.

geolocation 5Now you will see the information of the location with the values for longitude and latitude.
You can also clear that location with the delete button.


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Fernando Hunth

Fernando Hunth is a Senior SharePoint Manager at Ernest & Young.