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Creating space for celebration through workplace flexibility

Workplace flexibility is more than a policy at Nintex; it’s a part of our culture. As part of our commitment to an inclusive workplace, we recognize the importance of flexibility, especially when it comes to our teammates’ significant personal and cultural observances. Whether it’s adjusting work hours, providing remote work options, or simply offering moral support, we strive to ensure everyone feels supported.

Take, for example, the month-long observance of Ramadan. It’s a profound time of significance for our Muslim colleagues that involves fasting, prayer, reflection, and community. Recognizing Ramadan’s physical and spiritual demands, our teams make accommodations to help those who participate maintain their productivity without compromising their observance.

Ayman Al-Ashwal, a Staff Engineer originally from Yemen, notes that the flexible work arrangements make it possible to fully immerse himself in his cherished family traditions and community gatherings.

“Nintex has consistently provided support to me and my colleagues throughout Ramadan, offering flexible work arrangements, empathetic understanding, and assistance when needed. The understanding demonstrated by my team has been particularly noteworthy.”


Azmi Samiri, a Senior Test Analyst in Kuala Lumpur, shares that he feels supported by the thoughtful gestures of his colleagues throughout the month.

“Nintex provides me with significant support by offering flexible work hours. This flexibility enables me to adapt my work schedule to fit my changing daily routine throughout Ramadan. With the ability to choose my start and end times, I can effectively juggle work responsibilities with my religious practices. Additionally, my colleagues show understanding and compassion, creating a supportive atmosphere in the workplace.”



Listening and learning

Our approach to creating a sense of belonging for all employees is based on listening. By engaging in open dialogues with our teams, we continuously learn and adapt our policies to meet their needs.

Anna Wiersema, a Technical Community Manager and though not a Muslim herself, has cherished memories from her time living in Morocco and friends who would welcome her into their homes for breaking the fast. Anna advocates for understanding and extending grace towards coworkers observing Ramadan, and she shares this piece of advice for managers:

“Don’t assume that you know what your coworkers need or what will bother them. Ask them and listen to their answers so you know how best to support them.”



A commitment to inclusivity

At Nintex, it’s our goal to create an environment where every employee feels included and respected. It’s not just about accommodating our team’s needs; it’s about empowering our employees to bring their whole selves to work, and creating space where their traditions and celebrations are honored.

Talha Khalid, an Engineer based out of Melbourne, Australia, shares that he appreciates the support and inclusivity shown by his teammates.

“This is the first organization where I’ve witnessed a proactive effort to promote understanding and flexibility for colleagues observing Ramadan. I was delighted and proud to see Nintex send a special message to all managers, encouraging them to be considerate and accommodating during this sacred month.”




Fawad Ahmed, an Engineering Manager originally from Pakistan with a 20-year career, including experiences in Muslim countries, praises Nintex for its exceptional support. He notes that Nintex stands out as the first organization to provide training materials aimed at fostering consideration for Muslim team members—a move he found both surprising and thoughtful.


As we continue to foster an atmosphere of inclusivity and workplace flexibility, we invite our employees to share their stories and educate others about their diverse cultures and how we can best support them. This open exchange enriches our workplace and strengthens the bonds between our team members, and in doing so, we build a stronger, more connected Nintex.

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Maddie Forman

Maddie is a Senior Specialist based in Atlanta, Georgia and is a member of our Culture & Employee Experience team. She leads Nintex's employer branding and talent communications/marketing, bringing our employee experience to life for our people and candidates across the globe.

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