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City of Garland builds community of Citizen Developers with Nintex

Check how City of Garland, Texas Fire Department leveraged Nintex for process improvement success with the community of citizen developers!

In my 4+ years with Nintex and two years managing our customer evidence program, I’ve heard a lot of great Nintex success stories. They include a UK-based financial services firm managing customer-facing processes in Nintex Promapp®, an animal conservation non-profit automating its donor communications with Nintex Drawloop DocGen® for Salesforce, and hundreds of others.

I find them all interesting and impactful. But there are some that I get a little extra excited about. The City of Garland and its community of citizen developers that are building their own Nintex automation solutions is one of those.

About the City of Garland

The City of Garland, located northeast of Dallas, has 45 departments including IT, facilities management, accounting, finance, fire, and parks and recreation that serve more than 240,000 citizens. Garland’s IT department supports more than 2,500 users with 80 different applications. And, like many organizations, Garland’s IT staff has more projects queued up than it has the bandwidth to successfully address and manage independently.

Empowering business users build their own solutions for process improvement 

Beginning in 2016, Garland’s IT team began its digital transformation journey and worked with Nintex Premier Partner DataBank Solutions to implement Microsoft SharePoint, Nintex Workflow for SharePoint, and Nintex Forms. This project included training city staff to use Nintex’s intuitive drag-and-drop user interface to easily build and quickly deploy digital process automation solutions on their own without requiring special coding or programming support from IT.

“It’s near impossible for a small IT team within a municipality to go into each line of business, look at every process, and to accurately determine what needs to be done. This is why our citizen developers are so important at the City of Garland. We have confidence and trust in the Nintex platform and know that we can give access to these tools to anyone who wants business improvement processes with a powerful and easy-to-use workflow automation and digital forms solution.”

— Clark Richardson, Research and Development Manager at the City of Garland

Sean O’Bryant, Systems Engineer at the City of Garland, adds, “Our citizen developers know what needs to be done and are best suited to react quickly to a change in requirements or to process within their department. With Nintex workflows and forms, they manage and automate their own solutions without having to submit an IT ticket, which saves tremendous time and delivers results much faster.”

Process automation success at the City of Garland and community of Citizen Developers

Since implementing Nintex, the City of Garland has successfully automated dozens of processes improvement across many business units like facilities and fleet management, finance and accounting, parks and recreation, and the fire department.

“Our firefighters now complete and submit any required documentation fast – while they’re in the field – with Nintex Forms, which allows them to focus on their number one job: protecting the lives of our community members.”

— Debbie Watson, Senior Fire Analyst at the City of Garland.

Debbie Watson, the city’s senior fire analyst, has built numerous Nintex solutions for the Garland Fire Department that enforce and help demonstrate compliance with key standards, policies, and regulations issued by organizations such as the National Fire Protection Association and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Leveraging Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow, Watson has automated the ticketing system for fire administration support services and training, equipment records, narcotics, and controlled substance administration records, and more.



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