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Automating the role of the CEO?

‘“Could the role of CEO ever be automated?” is a thought experiment that was recently debated in our office. My take is that the role of CEO—and other generalist “super jobs” where employees execute their most impactful work across numerous functions—have been automated for a while.  

‘They just leverage human automation via support from a chief of staff, a comms lead, assistants, the broader leadership team and more. No shareholder in their right mind wants the CEO to spend their day mired in email correspondence or micromanaging people. 

‘For a few years now, we’ve seen predictions that an uptick in automation could cause career specialists to fall out of favor in the workplace, making way for a new wave of generalists—at every level of the company. The reason being that, as automation continues to be able to complete more of our everyday work and tasks, many careers as we know them will morph into “super jobs,” not unlike current upper management roles.’ 

How does the rapid evolution of technology impact the specialist/generalist debate and will automation champion one over the other? 

Read more in this Forbes article by Amit Mathradas, Nintex CEO.



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