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Digital Transformation, Intelligent Process Automation

How Intelligent Process Automation is Accelerating Digital Transformation

April 11, 2018, Author: Ryan Duguid

Technology is in a constant state of innovation—innovation that is changing the business landscape from what it was only a decade ago. Traditional business models are being disrupted and the way we work is changing as IT becomes more ever-present across almost every organization. As tech becomes more integral and […]

Cloud, Digital Transformation, Workflow and Content Automation

How Automating Salesforce Workflows Lets You Focus More Energy on Selling

November 6, 2017, Author: Ryan Duguid

Salesforce’s awe-inspiring Dreamforce conference is touching down in San Francisco this week. Around 150,000 delegates are descending on the City by the Bay to learn about the future of the world’s most popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Representatives from Nintex will be there too, showcasing how automating Salesforce workflows […]

Cloud, Digital Transformation, Workflow and Content Automation

How Workflow Has Changed in the Past 5 Years

November 3, 2017, Author: Ryan Duguid

Ever since Henry Ford revolutionized the automotive industry, the application of workflow automation has been a constant discussion around reducing costs and increasing output. But within the past couple of years, the makers and users of workflow automation have shifted towards a different narrative – one that is less technical […]

Cloud, Workflow and Content Automation

Will Cloud-Based Rolling Updates Spell the Death of Product Launches?

August 21, 2017, Author: Ryan Duguid

We are approaching the so-called “Fall launch season”, a four-month period from September to December when the biggest tech launches—this year being Apple’s iMac Pro and iPhone 8, Google’s Pixel 2, Android’s “Android O” operating system and even the first widely-affordable Tesla Car—come to the fore. But why has the […]


Low Code and the ‘Citizen Developer’: Too Good to be True?

June 16, 2017, Author: Ryan Duguid

The idea behind low code technology is to turn us all into ‘citizen developers’. The citizen developer can, in theory, use low code platforms to make their work run more smoothly and efficiently. These platforms are designed to empower knowledge workers to build their own customized solutions with low code […]