Sparebanken Vest unites branches to eliminate “60 ways to do the same thing”

Sparebanken Vest has been providing financial services to private and corporate customers since 1832. With 54 branches in western Norway and 800 employees, the company struggled with disparate processes, with one team leader noting there were “around 60 different ways to do the same thing.”

The bank conducted a competitive evaluation of several process automation solutions and selected Nintex K2 Five for its simple integrations with Microsoft solutions.

To date, more than 50 Nintex K2 Five solutions have been developed covering everything from mortgage and credit card applications to change of address requests. Front-office employees can now spend more time with customers, delivering a more personal service with the added opportunity to sell financial products.


Processes automated

Improved employee experience


Branches and offices now standardized

Sparebanken Vest
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Capabilities Used
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Who they are

Headquartered in Bergen, Norway, Sparebanken Vest provides financial services to both the private and corporate sectors.

What they needed

The bank struggled with disparate process across its location and need a tool for process automation.

How they did it

Sparebanken Vest used Nintex K2 Five to streamline and standardize processes across its 54 branches and offices.

Uniting disparate processes across offices

Challenge: Too many differing processes

Sparebanken Vest had a high volume of processes, many of which involved delivering services directly to customers. However, the way tasks were accomplished within the business differed considerably from office to office and from branch to branch. This disparity resulted in a lot of inefficiencies and created confusion for new staff members.

“There were around 60 ways to do the same thing,” said a team leader in the customer center at Sparebanken Vest. “Simple tasks, like opening a new customer account, could be done in many ways. In every case, the customer did get an account, but the process was always different.”

Solution: A more efficient organization

Vivento, Norway-based technology partner, prepared a proof of concept for Sparebanken Vest, which was approved by the business. Then a joint project team, comprising employees from the bank and Vivento, started to create and deploy automated processes. To date, more than 50 K2 Five solutions have been developed covering everything from mortgage and credit card applications to change of address requests.

Managers can now take advantage of the reporting capabilities of Nintex K2 Five to see where the largest workloads are and plan internal resources accordingly. Managers also use reports as a coaching tool, with great success.

The Nintex K2 Five processes include formal escalation procedures, so any unusual customer requirements are quickly directed to more senior staff members who can deal with them effectively. This feature, together with the efficiency savings of automation, helps Sparebanken Vest to deliver a prompt, responsive service for its customers.

We had complex schemas that didn’t really fit in InfoPath. SmartForms are far more capable of dealing with this complexity. We can also make and reuse templates, which enables us to create new processes very quickly.
Bjarte Marøy, Team Leader, Sparebanken Vest
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