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Process automation maximizes product quality for Euro Caps

Since its foundation in 2012, Euro Caps has focused on achieving the highest possible quality standards to deliver superior coffee capsules for its customers and millions of coffee-drinkers around the world. However, following a period of exceptional growth, the company found that existing email and spreadsheet processes were no longer adequate for the volume of goods it now produced.

Today, there is at least one K2 Software process in each business department. The company has been able to significantly improve efficiency, including processes that help to uphold the company’s high standards for its product.

Euro Caps
Food & Beverage
Capabilities Used
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Who they are

Founded in 2012, Euro Caps is a leading manufacturer of private label single serve coffee products.

What they needed

Euro Caps email and paper-based processes were no longer adequate to keep up with company’s continued growth.

How they did it

The coffee manufacturer used Nintex K2 Five to digitize and automate processes across its operations, HR, and quality department.

No duplicated effort

Challenge: Repetitive and inefficient processes

Following a period of exceptional growth, Euro Caps found that its existing business processes were no longer adequate for the volume of goods it now produced and its enlarged workforce. Employees shared spreadsheets and documents by email, and there were often multiple versions of the same files.

In addition, there were numerous ways of collecting data across the business, and the same data would be entered into different applications by different people.

Solution: Back-office and shop floor automation

Local IT partner Thysia Information recommended that Euro Caps implement Microsoft SharePoint with Nintex K2 Five to centralize its document management and automate business processes. Over the course of 2 years, Euro Caps built more than 25 K2 Software solutions, simplifying data collection and streamlining processes from the shop floor to the board room.

Two key Nintex K2 Five solutions, called Operator Tiles and Operator Portal, provide employees on the shop floor with instant access to product manuals and the ability to view and record grind history for different types of coffee beans and pallet configurations. Time is no longer wasted looking for information and duplicating effort, which improves efficiency on the production line.

There are also currently 7 Nintex K2 Five processes in the HR department, covering everything from hiring new employees to extending contracts and managing the company’s Facebook profile. Nintex K2 Five automatically alerts the HR team when they need to perform routine tasks such as making appointments with new employees. “After the K2 Software processes were introduced, the efficiency of the HR team sky-rocketed,” van Dijk says.  “Because processes are more efficient right across the business, we save time which enables us to do more things and leads to cost savings.

The quality of our products always needs to be 100%. K2 Software helps us to ensure that new suppliers and materials are selected and validated thoroughly so that any changes do not adversely impact our high quality standards.
Rick Van Dijk, Application Specialist, Euro Caps
Meeting high standards for product quality


Challenge: Change cannot disrupt QA

Despite some inefficiencies, Euro Caps’ processes were vital to upholding the company’s high standards for the quality of their goods. Ever since its foundation in 2012, the company has been focused on achieving the highest quality of standards in all products.

According to Rick van Dijk, Application Specialist at Euro Caps, “We needed to standardize the way that all employees collected and shared data and automate core business processes to save time and ensure quality.”

 Solution: Automation ensures quality

Without a doubt, K2 Software has helped Euro Caps ensure high quality for all of its products. For example, the company has developed 4 integrated Nintex K2 Five processes for approving new suppliers, creating a new commodity item, validating the combination of materials and approving new products.

“The quality of our products always needs to be 100%,” says van Dijk. “K2 Software helps us to ensure that new suppliers and materials are selected and validated thoroughly so that any changes do not adversely impact our quality standards.”

Becoming a paperless factory

Challenge: Constantly improving

Previously, many business processes relied on paper documents and forms. As Euro Caps works to improve processes, one of the goals of the business is to become a paperless factory. Achieving this depends on implementing more automated, digitized solutions across the company.

Solution: Eliminating paper processes

In the Finance Department, traditional paper-based processes like expense claims have been fully digitized and automated using Nintex K2 Five. The business even uses a Nintex K2 Five solution on tablets to register visitors when they arrive on site, rather than having them manually sign in.

K2 Software is used by all of the company’s 350 employees, with at least one Nintex K2 Five process in every business department. Today, Euro Caps is working to redevelop and extend its existing K2 Software solutions, as well as introduce new ones. It also plans to integrate K2 Software with Microsoft Power BI and expand its portal to make information more accessible across the business. “When we first started with K2 Software, I never thought we would be where we are now,” van Dijk admits. “I am very proud of what we have achieved.”

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