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Boosting employee productivity at PayNet

PayNet builds and operates world-class payment systems and financial market infrastructures that safely, reliably and efficiently enable the functioning and development of Malaysia’s financial system, as well as the economy as a whole.

According to Ros Yusoff, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at PayNet, improving the organization’s internal processes that its employees work through daily is vital to business success and customer satisfaction. This led to PayNet and K2 Software coming together to streamline business processes. Yusoff says that K2 Software was instrumental in boosting automation, simplicity, and efficiency among PayNet’s departments.

In this case study, Yusoff explains how K2 Software helped PayNet overcome their workflow challenges, develop agile and automated solutions, and optimize time savings.

Financial Services
Capabilities Used
Application Development

Who they are

PayNet builds and operates world-class payment systems and financial market infrastructures in Malaysia.

What they needed

PayNet wanted to automate manual internal processes that can divert time and resources away from customers.

How they did it

PayNet implemented Nintex K2 Five to automate business-critical processes and free employees from manual tasks.

Piles of paperwork transformed into clean workflows

Challenge: Cumbersome workflows a drag on productivity

When financial organizations like PayNet administer e-payments and money transfers for its customers, all internal processes must work together seamlessly. But efficiency isn’t only necessary for customer-facing functions. It’s also about optimizing internal processes that can divert time and resources away from customers.

“As all workflows in PayNet were manual and paper-based prior to Nintex K2 Five, there was a domino effect on business efficiency and staff productivity,” said Ros Yusoff, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at PayNet. “When documentation is entirely paper-based, things pile up quickly and processes get stalled, becoming tedious and time-consuming. Plus, there’s always the risk of physical forms getting lost.”

For example, the basic leave management system (LMS) for employees created difficulties for HR and supervisors in tracking leave records and their statuses. This, in turn affected the resource allocation needed to cover duties.

The same challenge also affected major workflows, such as the incident management system (IMS) and change management system (CMS). PayNet’s helpdesk team and change management secretariat had to consolidate, monitor and analyze all the different information needed to manage customer requests. So, IT’s challenge was to deliver a simplified process for all of that manual work.

Solution: Simple, flexible processes save time

PayNet implemented Nintex K2 Five to automate business-critical processes while providing the flexibility needed to improve an already-siloed environment. They wanted flexibility to customize workflow systems to suit user and business requirements, as well as streamline standalone systems for efficiency.

“K2 Software enabled us to make internal sharing of information easier and more accessible anywhere within PayNet,” said Yusoff. “Staff, project owners and developers are now able to access data and information for a far quicker response using their mobile devices.”

PayNet also recruited the professional services team to help get its solutions up and running more quickly. “The professional services team played an advisory role to PayNet on improvements, which can be done internally without creating heavy dependence on outside vendors,” Yusoff said. Nintex K2 Five experts educated the PayNet team on form development, showing how data can be extracted from different sources and displayed on a single page, as well as how to address delivery cycle requirements.

Since May 2014, when PayNet began its automation journey by integrating Nintex K2 Five workflows with Microsoft SharePoint 2013, there have been efficiency improvements across all departments.

Requests or issues are easily tracked and attended to in a shorter time period, as product and project owners can view all necessary details to carry out the next step. The optimized processes also ensure a quicker go-to-market.

For example, the change management system now captures key information about a change request, including its risk, priority and impact as provided by the respective business units. The workflow is then automatically routed to the Change Reviewer, followed by the Change Secretariat who has immediate access to all information from the SharePoint portal. This frictionless process allows the Change Advisory Committee (CAC) to escalate and make decisions more rapidly.

We really like how K2 Software is so different from other vendors, especially in its advisory role to PayNet. Its consultants educated the team on improvements that could be done internally, without creating heavy dependence on vendors.
Ros Yusoff, CIO, PayNet
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