New financial process speeds up approvals with consistency

One of Britain’s leading train leasing companies, Angel Trains leases rolling stock to 18 franchised train service operators and two open access operators in the UK. Since its foundation in 1994, Angel Trains has invested £5 billion in new trains and refurbishments of existing rolling stock.

The company continues to invest heavily in train modernization programs and, as a result, frequently needs to issue and approve purchase orders and contracts with values exceeding £100,000. That means accurate but efficient financial approvals are crucial to the business. With Nintex K2 Five, the financial approvals process is now completed 25% faster, and processes across the business are in line to be automated.


Reduction in application development time and cost


Contract & purchase order values


Separate business systems being integrated

Angel Trains
Capabilities Used
K2 Software

Who they are

Angel Trains is one of Britain’s leading train leasing companies, with rolling stock leased to 18 franchised train service operators across Great Britain.

What they needed

The company needed to scale train modernization programs that required extensive approval of purchase orders and contracts values exceeding £100,000.

How they did it

With Nintex K2 Five, the financial approvals process is now completed 25% faster, and more processes across the business are in line to be accelerated.

Transforming financial app development

Challenge: High-value financial approvals

Due to its £5 billion investment in new trains and refurbishments of existing rolling stock, Angel Trains frequently needs to issue and approve purchase orders and contracts with values exceeding £100,000. To increase the rigor of this approval process and improve internal efficiency, Angel Trains wanted to integrate its existing process with its asset and financial systems, as part of a new automated workflow.

Solution: Quickly developed, consistent process

The transportation commpany deployed Nintex K2 Five. Before it tackled its ambitious financial approvals workflow, the company first developed a smaller workflow for processing requests for third party user access to SharePoint. This project not only allowed the IT team to build its skills in using the automation platform, but also significantly simplified and accelerated a key business process.

Then, when Angel Trains turned its attention to the financial approvals workflow, it was able to complete the entire development, with a small IT team, in just 25 working days. “I estimate that Angel Trains created its new financial approvals process in around 25% of the time, and therefore cost, of a traditional software development,” says Liam Stirling, Senior IT Development Manager at Angel Trains.

Everything we saw was impressive. I could see straight away how Nintex K2 Five could make new IT developments a lot easier for us, and the engagement from the support team was utterly fantastic right from the start.
Liam Stirling, Senior IT Development Manager, Angel Trains
Integrating siloed business systems

Challenge: Too many business systems

In the past, whenever a new business process requirement had arisen, the IT team had developed a bespoke system in house. This approach had, however, resulted in the creation of over 10 separate custom business systems, each of which was effectively a departmental silo with little or no integration with the company’s core asset management and financial systems. This IT landscape was complex and time-consuming to manage and costly to adapt when business needs changed.

Rather than developing yet another bespoke system to meet the needs of the business, the IT team wanted to find a way to create an automated approval workflow by integrating existing systems.

Solution: The path to system integration

K2 Software has integrated Angel Trains’ existing systems, rather than creating yet another standalone business application. Furthermore, the newly automated workflow will be easy to adapt in the future, as changes occur within the business. “When you have to hard code even a simple business change, like a new department name, in a bespoke system, it can be a nightmare.” Stirling says. “[Nintex] K2 Five enables us to make process changes very easily in response to business change. That’s another massive upside to intelligent process automation.”

When the new financial approvals process is fully rolled out to over 160 employees, Angel Trains anticipates that it will improve efficiency within the business by enabling contracts and purchase orders to be approved more quickly. Nintex K2 Five extends to mobile devices so, for the first time, employees will be able to view, action and approve tasks using their smartphones and tablets when they are away from the office, which will reduce unnecessary delays.

Significantly, the newly automation business process will help to reduce risk for Angel Trains. The business has a much clearer process for financial approvals and, as a result, is better able to ensure that procedures are followed correctly and consistently when employees sign off high-value new contracts and purchase orders.

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