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BNBuilders ensures compliance and safety throughout a global pandemic with Nintex

In just one day, BNBuilders used Nintex Workflow Cloud to ensure compliance and safety by building a daily check-in form for all employees and visitors to its job sites and offices during the COVID-19 crisis.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, California and Washington State issued stay-at-home orders for all non-essential workers. Construction, however, was still considered an essential business in California and for a portion of BNBuilders’ jobs in Washington. As BNBuilders carefully navigated how work could continue safely during the pandemic, its crisis response team determined they needed to implement a daily check-in form for anyone visiting its offices and job sites.

Based on CDC recommendations, the daily check-if form would allow the company’s crisis and safety teams to monitor the risk of possible virus exposure and enable contact tracing if required. BNBuilders needed to implement a solution that could scale across is 150 active job sites each month fast. Leveraging Nintex Workflow Cloud, BNBuilders quickly built a digital form and workflow solution to record all visitors to job sites and offices in just one day.

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Who they are

BNBuilders is a West Coast general contractor that specializes in highly technical commercial construction projects. The company was founded in 2000 and has more than 500 full-time and 250 unionized employees.

What they need

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, BNBuilders’ crisis response and safety teams sought to implement a daily check-in form based on CDC recommendations for all employees and visitors reporting to job sites and offices during the pandemic.

How they did it

BNBuilders implemented a daily check-in form built on Nintex Workflow Cloud in just one day. When reporting to a job site or office, the employee accesses that location’s form by scanning a QR code. If a response meets any flagged parameters, the safety team is alerted to investigate and is escalated to the crisis response team if required.

Nintex Workflow Cloud enables swift response

The daily check-in form is completed by every visitor upon arrival to a BNBuilders’ job site or office via their mobile device. The form is prepopulated with information based on their location, and they then enter their contact information and emergency contact information, followed by a series of questions based on the latest recommendations from the CDC.

Once submitted, all responses are recorded in SharePoint and monitored through a Power BI dashboard by the safety and crisis team. If a response matched any flagged parameters, the safety team is immediately notified and can respond and take necessary action.

BNBuilders’ Solutions Engineer leveraged Nintex Workflow Cloud to turn the entire solution around in just one day. As CDC recommendations change, BNBuilders can also quickly update questions and parameters accordingly. In the first 2 months of usage, the solution has registered an average of 3,100 submissions each week.  BNBuilders plans to continue to utilize the check-form for the foreseeable future, as it also supports contact tracing and aligns with requirements of many local regulatory authorities for businesses operating during the pandemic.

Thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality of Nintex Workflow Cloud I was able to put the first iteration together in just one day. First thing the next morning I was demo-ing the solution to our crisis response team.
– Shawn Namdar, Solutions Engineer, BNBuilders
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