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Nintex WPC Post: Leave No Process Behind

Mike Fitzmaurice

By Mike Fitzmaurice, Vice President – Workflow Technology at Nintex

We introduced three important rules that you can follow to make life easier in the new world of work. Now we'll take a closer look at Rule #1: Leave No Process Behind and discuss the value of automating everyday processes.

When selecting a process to automate, it's tempting to focus on the biggest, most strategic, most high-profile, process you've got. I mean, those are the most important, right? So clearly those are the processes you should prioritize and dedicate the most time, effort and money.

Not exactly…

The truth is that, for many organizations, these bigger processes rarely need workflow automation. Largely because, as important processes, they're already given the time, attention and creativity they need to thrive and run efficiently.

The real processes that deserve our attention are the little ones. The everyday processes and myriad of tasks that, as a successful business, we need to perform day after day, week after week, month after month. Expense reports. Routing documents for review and approval. Making sure the CEO's blog posts are shared on all of your social media channels. It's these tasks that take far more of our time and attention. Good rule of thumb: if a routine task takes more than a minute of your time, you may have found a great candidate for automation.

Once you figure out what you want to automate, you next need to figure out who's going to help you with it. Because we're talking about tech automation, your first instinct may be to turn to your IT department. However, the problem with that is that your IT team only has so many hours in a day. And they're already facing a backlog of projects that are better suited to their skillsets.

Nintex is in the business of making technology workflow tools and solutions that don't require a doctorate in computer science. Our low-code tools mean that anyone with the skills to master the basics of an average word processing program is now in a position to create and optimize automated workflows that take care of those i-dotting, t-crossing processes. That way, the IT department can focus on its big, interesting projects, and you and your staff can focus on doing what you love to do.

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