Turn inefficient processes into well-run engines

Why workflow?

Nintex creates smooth, simple connections between people, content, data and systems, turning inefficient processes into well-run engines.

Orchestrate how work gets done

There are thousands of tasks, steps and processes that drive a business every day. Nintex gives you control over those processes so you can orchestrate how work gets done. With the workflow automation solutions from Nintex, you can break down complex processes into simple, automated steps and quickly build workflows via Nintex Workflow Cloud, Office 365 or SharePoint on-premises.

Automate processes on any platform

Workflow needs to automate your processes, whatever your platform, regardless of where your content lives. Nintex Workflow Cloud gives everyone the horsepower to quickly build process apps and digital workflows that help people get work done more effectively and efficiently. Easily integrate workflows with any business application, cloud service and content repository using Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Nintex Workflow Cloud
Nintex Workflow Cloud

Build workflows in minutes with Office 365

Use Nintex Workflow for Office 365 to quickly and easily automate business processes with a few clicks – not code. The intuitive, browser-based drag-and-drop workflow designer built for Office 365 lets you tackle everything from a specific task in a single department to complex, company‑wide procedures.

Nintex Workflow for Office 365
Build workflows in minutes with Office 365
Creating workflows shouldn't be work

Creating workflows shouldn’t be work

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint seamlessly integrates with SharePoint and enhances—rather than replaces—existing SharePoint investments. Nintex Workflow integrates into the SharePoint product ribbon, and directly interacts with information that’s stored in SharePoint. And, with the latest release of Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2016, you can easily design and deploy hybrid workflows that can interact between on-premises and cloud applications.

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint
Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2016

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