Workflow for SharePoint Key Features

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint Out of the Box Capabilities

We Do the Heavy Lifting for You

Use out-of-the-box capabilities, including the ability to annotate and print process diagrams.

  • Schedule and time workflows to create repeatable processes
  • Delegate workflow tasks to users, directly or scheduled
  • Deliver workflow notifications via email, IM and text

Custom SharePoint Workflows

Customize your workflows to meet your specific business requirements and process needs.

  • Build and save User Defined Actions to hide the technical complexity and keep your workflows clean and clear
  • Export your workflows to Visual Studio
  • Access a range of third-party add-ons, extensions and connectors from our Nintex Partner network

Watch Video: User Defined ActionsWatch Video: User Defined Actions

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint Lazyapproval

LazyApproval for Those Who Don't Have Time

Give busy, on-the-go employees the chance to respond to important requests from wherever they are.

  • Approve or reject requests directly from any location via a notification email
  • Respond with a password to an automated server message or Lync conversation to approve or reject requests

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint State Machines

Use State Machines to Avoid Process Stalls

With state machines, workflow processes jump between different levels of business logic in a way that's easy to understand and maintain.

  • Avoid hold-ups in your SharePoint processes when you have several levels of synchronous approvals – common with processes such as employee on-boarding and document approval
  • Kick back processes to a previous level of approval if an approver declines a request

Automatically Update Critical Documents

Make automated decisions and share information based on the content of critical documents and spreadsheets.

  • Automatically update contracts, publications and financial reports
  • Apply quality control processes before sharing them externally

Nintex Workflow for Sharepoint Back-End Integration

Tight Integration with Back-end Systems and Data

Leverage SharePoint’s Business Connectivity Services, Business Data Catalog and BizTalk Server to tie workflows to crucial back end systems.

  • Empower your organization to make better decisions with business intelligence from finance, HR and sales
  • Create rich workflow solutions, such as vendor and asset management that make the most of your critical back-end data

CRM Integration

Integrate your business processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to maximize the value of your customer information.

  • Drive timely and effective communications, leading to a healthier revenue cycle

Assign Tasks and Schedule Appointments

Communicate tasks and appointments by using Exchange integration features.

  • Send meeting invites that will automatically populate users’ Outlook calendars
  • Assign tasks that flow through to users’ Outlook task lists

Get Detailed Workflow Reporting and Benchmarking

Analyze your automation companywide. See what your workflows are doing throughout the enterprise.

  • Identify and fix bottlenecks in your business processes
  • Measure the impact of your improvements

User Account Creation and Permissions Assignment

Create Active Directory and SharePoint user accounts as they are requested and approved by managers, department heads and other stakeholders.

  • Avoid placing administrative burden on your IT department
  • Assign the appropriate network permissions

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