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Workflows Designed to be Mobile

Take advantage of the best features of your mobile devices – including images, attachments and geolocation – to keep processes moving. Our mobile apps allow you to do your job wherever work takes you. Access your SharePoint and Office 365 processes securely, inside or outside of the firewall – and even offline.

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Nintex Mobile Processes On The Go

Put Your Work in Your Pocket

Check your tasks as easily as checking your texts. Our mobile apps allow you to:

  • Capture data
  • Submit requests
  • Start processes
  • Complete tasks
  • Review content
  • Approve documents

Do it all from your smartphone or tablet in a matter of minutes.

Nintex Mobile Quick & Easy Mobilization

Being Mobile Means Being Efficient

Keep your processes moving while you’re on the move. It’s a simple one-click setup.

  • Pick up where you left off
    Real-time synchronization ensures all changes to your workflows and forms show up immediately on your mobile device, so you can stay productive everywhere.
  • More than words
    With Nintex Forms and Nintex Mobile apps, forms are more than words in text fields. Feed photos, videos, and other data directly into your processes.
  • Intuitive and consistent
    Rendering forms in native apps ensures a familiar experience for users, delivering the right format for their device and platform.

Mobile Device Management Ready

Mobile Device Management Ready

If you're using MDM software to manage your company’s apps, you can add your Nintex Mobile app to your MDM software. End users get the apps they need to be productive without compromising on privacy while IT gets the management and security of the app.

Designed for the Mobile Enterprise

Custom Branding

Every app you build can be customized to match your company branding. You can use your existing logo and color schemes to ensure that your employees and customers immediately recognize your app.

Custom Logo

Upload your logo files to and we'll take care of the rest. Your app icon and home screen will look the way you want it.

Custom Artwork

Include any promotional images of your business or products to help showcase your business to employees and customers. Upload your images and they'll be incorporated into the app.

Create Collections of Nintex Forms and Workflow Tasks

Explicitly specify which forms or workflow tasks are to be included in a Nintex Mobile Enterprise app, giving you the ability to build and deploy departmental or process-specific applications. Deliver a richer alternative to web-based access for your SharePoint and Office 365 users. They'll gain the convenience of a single entry point for the forms and workflow tasks that are relevant to them.

  • Create line-of-business-targeted apps using the tools you are already familiar with (Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms).
  • Give your business users access to only the forms and workflows that are relevant to them, on their device, via a manageable and governable solution.

Nintex Mobile Secure and Reliable

Safe and Secure Data

Nintex Mobile ensures that your forms securely reach their destination. Your data is secured before sending and is sent reliably. Nintex Mobile requires usage authentication via Office 365, a Microsoft account or SharePoint.

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