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Quick and Easy

Quickly create and publish web-ready and mobile-ready forms using our web-based, drag-and-drop designer. Build forms that feature dynamic fields, data validations, conditional display areas, and custom formatting for rich interactions.

Nintex Forms are Workflow Friendly

Workflow Friendly

Get the right information to the right people by connecting forms with your processes. Automatically kick off workflows and route tasks based on form submissions. Approve, review and track information submitted via forms. Each task includes background information so you don’t have to click links to find out what to approve.

Nintex Forms are Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Whether it’s in a mobile browser or via one of our native mobile apps, Nintex Forms works as smoothly on a phone or tablet as on a desktop or laptop. What’s more, making a form mobile-friendly doesn’t require extra effort.


Cloud Friendly

Many workflows involve vendors, customers, contractors and partners. Some people outside your organization won’t have access to your SharePoint site – and that’s not a problem. Reliably and securely publish your forms to SharePoint sites and to public websites. Nintex Forms encrypts, authenticates and secures your cloud-to-SharePoint traffic.

Nintex Forms are SharePoint Friendly

SharePoint Friendly

Install Nintex Forms into your SharePoint environment and create forms without exiting SharePoint. Take advantage of managed metadata, external lists, cascading drop-downs and many other native SharePoint/Office 365 features you’ve come to rely on. Learn more about Nintex SharePoint Forms: Click Here. Learn more about Nintex Office 365 Forms: Click Here.

Watch Video: Build Nintex Forms within SharePointWatch Video: Build Nintex Forms Within SharePoint

More Information

More Info

Learn more about how you can successfully implement workflow automation in your organization.

Examples by Department

Explore our workflow automation examples to get an idea of how we can help you quickly and easily automate your adhoc, everyday processes.

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See It in Action

See Nintex in action and learn just how easily you can create workflows.

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