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Pharmaceutical Firm Eliminates Paper-Based Bottlenecks

Business travel can be stressful in the best of situations, but for employees at Ferring Pharmaceuticals, a stressful part was before the travel even began. Travel requests had become backlogged due to process inefficiencies, and sometimes travel was not approved by managers until just prior to scheduled departure dates.

Founded in 1950, Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing products for reproductive health, urology, gastroenterology, endocrinology and orthopedics. Based in Saint-Prex, Switzerland, with production sites in Argentina, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Scotland, and Switzerland, Ferring has a market presence in 60 countries, and 5,000 employees worldwide.

Over the years, Ferring became a pioneer in developing and selling pharmaceutical products based upon natural, pituitary-produced peptide hormones. Today, Ferring conducts research and development in collaboration with scientific institutes, as well as biotechnology firms and other pharmaceutical companies throughout the world.

Manual Travel Approvals Were Inefficient And Caused Delays

Ferring's travel approval process was paper-based and inefficient. According to Giacomo Parato, IT Analyst at Ferring Pharmaceuticals, the process was not just time-consuming, it was also prone to delays. "Our travel approval process was not optimal," he says. "Employees had to fill out paper forms for travel, and then wait while the papers shuffled through many departments and across many desks."

Because managers could only receive and approve travel requests when physically in the office to process paperwork, there were often backlogs of requests that caused delays in approvals. This often meant that travel was approved only days — or sometimes hours before — employee travel dates. "Getting travel approved was stressful," says Parato. "Employees never knew how long the process would take, or if submissions would bounce back to them because of data errors."

Because travel paperwork was stored as hard copies, administrative staff faced a challenge when asked to produce documentation for reports or compliance audits. Ferring needed a solution that would digitize and automate its travel approval workflows; enable managers to approve requests, regardless of their location or network connectivity; and make searching for and accessing documentation easier.

Workflow Eliminates Paper And Enables Approvals From Anywhere

Ferring developed and deployed a solution based upon Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms. Nintex Workflow is an easy-to-use workflow designer that improves business processes, and delivers a rapid return on investment.

Nintex Forms is a web-based designer that enables forms to be created within SharePoint quickly and easily. Ferring designed and built a SharePoint library for travel approvals, and used Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms to facilitate submission and approvals.

More Efficient Travel Approval Means Fewer Delays

Because the Nintex solution has eliminated paper from the process, Ferring travel approvals are faster, delays in responses have been significantly reduced, and administrators have noticed that there are fewer errors in the data being sent for approval. "Nintex has really transformed our travel approvals," says Parato. "This solution has made delays and inaccurate data a thing of the past for us."

Empowering users with easy-yet-powerful tools, Nintex Workflow lets users monitor, manage, and reuse workflows everywhere, and helps model and improve processes, regardless of their complexity. It integrates seamlessly with other systems, tools, and services, and boosts and extends SharePoint functionality.

Nintex has really transformed our travel approvals. This solution has made delays and inaccurate data a thing of the past for us.

Giacomo Parato
IT Analyst
Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Ferring Pharmaceuticals
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Business Situation
Ferring employees were struggling with the company’s paper-based travel approval process.
Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms eliminated manual request processes, removing paperwork bottlenecks and enabling managers to approve requests quickly, from any location.
  • Approvals 85% faster
  • Eliminated manual processes
  • Fewer delays
  • Improved data accuracy

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