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Startup BitTitan Turns to Nintex to Manage NDAs, Stock-Option Grants

When a startup hires a legal counsel as its 21st employee, you know that company plans to grow. Two years later, Nicholas Wolfe says BitTitan is up to 200 people, which means he’s generating “hundreds” of stock option and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) on a regular basis.

BitTitan started its cloud journey by migrating email servers to Office 365 and rapidly expanded into handling other types of cloud migration, including SQL, SharePoint and public folder storage. The company’s award-winning product, MigrationWiz, is a worldwide favorite and the only Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant migration product currently available.

Scaling to keep up with the expansion posed a challenge, even with the addition of a few more people in legal. With no sign of a slowdown, Wolfe turned to software for help.

Even though BitTitan employs seriously talented software engineers, their time is already booked with high-priority, revenue-generating assignments. Since legal isn’t a profit center, it fell to the bottom of the list for software support. Wolfe wanted a solution he could handle on his own.

After reviewing other document-generating software, he found himself attracted to Nintex for Office 365 for its Document Generation (DocGen) action that generates workflows along with documents. As a huge plus, it turned out to be easy, especially with the added benefit of implementation partner, Marquam, that helped BitTitan hit the ground running with optimal results.

Slashing Legal Document Generation Time

While BitTitan uses Nintex for a wide range of processes, Wolfe points to a few favorites: the generation of stock-option grant notices and non- disclosure agreements (NDAs), and the workflow automation of HIPAA addendum reviews.

With employees working remotely all over the globe, stock option grants must meet local laws, as well as BitTitan’s requirements as a U.S. company. Twice a year, BitTitan’s Human Resources department sends Wolfe an Excel spreadsheet of hires from the previous six months that includes the new employees’ names, addresses, states of residence, countries of residence, number of stock options and strike price.

Don’t know anything about software or coding and I was able to ramp up quickly and create all the workflows myself.

Nicholas Wolfe
Legal Counsel

Manually tracking all of these details means looking up legal requirements for locations, such as California and Singapore. Wolfe was forced to toggle between source information and documents to build the stock option grants, inviting the potential for error. Since the BitTitan Board of Directors must correct and approve all documents, even those with minor errors, Wolfe strives to get it right on the first try.

This was one of Wolfe’s earliest workflows. Now, he just uploads the spreadsheet from HR, and the Nintex DocGen action creates the richly-formatted document using data from Nintex Workflow in Office 365. To automate the whole process even further, Nintex’s DocuSign API pushes it to DocuSign for employee sign-off.

In July 2015, when he had to trudge through the manual process for 110 employees, it took him at least a solid week and two resources from the legal team just to create the documents, never mind tracking and acquiring signatures. With Nintex, Wolfe can work solo and complete a document in a single day – signatures and all. Since Nintex tracks workflows, he also has an automatic audit of what’s been signed.

Gaining “peace of mind” with document accuracy is as valuable as slashing costs by more than $20,000.

Nicholas Wolfe
Legal Counsel

Nintex saves users 15 minutes with each document generated; this increases company savings by approximately $80 per document or $16,000 annually. But for Wolfe, it’s not just about dollars, cents and time.

“It’s hard to put a dollar figure on peace of mind,” he said. “The best thing Nintex gives me is that I know there are no errors and I can see the workflow status in SharePoint [Online].”

Closing Deals Faster, With Less Risk

Putting a dollar value on reducing company risk is a bit harder, but Wolfe sees a direct benefit in getting non-disclosure agreements out the door as fast as possible.

“The quicker we can send an NDA, the more likely it will get signed, which reduces risk,” he said. “Moreover, the quicker we can move the deal into the ‘NDA stage,’ the more likely we are to get some money from that deal.”

Another benefit to his NDA workflow is that Wolfe isn’t the only one with the proverbial keys to the castle when it comes to building and sending documents. Empowered by the cloud through Nintex for Office 365, a member of his sales team can create a document right away through the DocGen action.

Wolfe estimates that he’s also saving about 15 minutes per NDA document or about $50 per document, to save an additional $5,000 a year, but suspects that savings are “substantially higher” given the indirect savings through risk reduction and quick deal closure.

Above and beyond achieving cost and time savings, BitTitan selected Nintex’s new Workflow-based subscription pricing model that allows any BitTitan user to leverage the full Nintex experience -- a total package of Nintex services – without worrying or budgeting for individual user licenses.

It was easy to plug in because all you need to know is the SharePoint APIs; that is the beauty of Nintex — it connects with a lot of different third party products and services.

Nicholas Wolfe
Legal Counsel

Integrating With Third-party Services

Since Nintex integrates so well with third-party services, Wolfe considered integrating it with eShares, but instead, BitTitan built its own corporate governance management tool internally. Wolfe integrated that tool with Nintex Workflow.

“It was easy to plug in because all you need to know is the SharePoint APIs,” he said. “That is the beauty of Nintex -- it connects with a lot of different third party products and services.”

Since Wolfe’s document workflows allow him to upload an attachment once the completed document gains all necessary signatures, he is able to store all legal paperwork in SharePoint with SharePoint synced to his OneDrive for easy access.

Nintex is like the best legal associate I could hire. He’s never going to get anything wrong. He’s going to track everything right and I can count on him. So I think of Nintex as a member of the team.

Nicholas Wolfe
Legal Counsel

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Business Situation
Shortly after being hired, BitTitan’s legal counsel, Nicholas Wolfe, faced having to generate hundreds of stock option, NDA and HIPAA documents.
Rather than further strain BitTitan’s already-slammed software development team, Wolfe looked for a software solution capable of correctly generating hundreds of legal documents. He turned to Nintex for Office 365, capable not only of accurate document generation, but also of integrating workflows with DocuSign.
  • Generates 110 stock-option agreements for new hires in a day instead of a week
  • Fewer revisions of NDAs and stock option agreements that require board approval
  • Reduces costs by $16,000 per year due to saving 15 minutes for every stock-option document

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