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SMA Solar Technologies Rides Smoothly Through a Dynamic Market

Gerald Höhne, Vice President Corporate IT at SMA Solar Technology, was thinking about his workflows. It was time to adapt the processes his company had been using for today's dynamic business environment. The company wanted to achieve more flexibility, and being able to easily create and use customized processes was going to be key to improving productivity, and managing overhead costs.

As a global leader in development, production, and sales of PV Inverters and energy management systems, SMA Solar Technology offers innovative key technologies. Founded in 1981, the company reached a sales volume of €1.5 billion in 2012, and employed a staff of over 5,000 people.

SMA conducts business in 21 countries. Its strong growth and industry leadership necessitated the use of flexible workflow processes, so the company began looking for a solution.

Manual Workflow Processes Stifled Productivity

SMA had long been using static workflow processes. The company wanted to take a more programmatic approach to workflow creation, but it needed a very flexible system, so staff could react quickly to changes and opportunities.

Not having a standardized procedure for projects meant that operating expenses were being tracked manually. SMA set out to improve flexibility and productivity, and make costs easier to manage. The company found what it was looking for in Nintex Workflow.

Gaining Flexibility Quickly and Easily

SMA embraced a solution based upon Nintex Workflow for Project Server, which enables project and portfolio managers to easily design and implement end-to-end workflows simply and cost-effectively. Nintex Workflow for Project Server worked well for the company's needs, enabling staff to quickly and easily create and customize workflows

The most significant benefit of Nintex Workflow for Project Server has been the flexibility gain. Before deploying Nintex Workflow for Project Server, SMA needed more agility. Being able to adapt workflow processes easily and quickly when new project management requirements arise has made a huge difference.

The ease of use and scalability of the Nintex Workflow for Project Server solution also made it easier for SMA to keep track of budgets. With Nintex Workflow for Project Server, they don't have to think about costs; they can simply focus on work.

Strong and Agile Delivers Results

The switch to Nintex Workflow for Project Server has enabled SMA to both strengthen its workflow processes and remain agile. The flexible workflow model facilitates better responses to changing requirements, and integration with Microsoft SharePoint has enabled users to better communicate and work more efficiently.

Nintex Workflow for Project Server's ease of use for standardizing processes has helped SMA keep IT overhead low, even when projects take a complex turn. Since budget is not a factor in their workflow decision-making process, they're in an excellent position to ride smoothly through a dynamic market. According to Höhne, "Nintex Workflow for Project Server provides precise processes. The lead times of our internal customer projects have really been reduced significantly."

Nintex Workflow for Project Server provides precise processes. The lead times of internal customer projects have been reduced significantly.

Gerald Höhne
Vice President Corporate IT
SMA Solar Technology

SMA Solar
SMA Solar Technology
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Business Situation
Static workflows were making it challenging for SMA Solar Technology to react quickly to changes and opportunities, and the company sought a more agile solution for process automation.
Nintex Workflow for Project Server provided a flexible workflow model that allowed the company to more easily adapt when project complexities arose, reduce overhead, and boost productivity.
  • Flexible, scalable workflows
  • Reduction in overhead
  • Agility to respond quickly to customer opportunities
  • Ability to run smoothly in a changing market

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