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Nintex WPC Post: Automate Processes for Happier, More Productive Employees

Ryan Duguid

By Ryan Duguid, Vice President of Product at Nintex

Time is often described as the world's most valuable commodity. Precious and finite, time drives, frustrates and tantalizes us more than perhaps anything else because it can't be bought. Only repurposed.

Giving someone back an hour that was previously spent on a small, time-consuming, routine task does more than save a company time and money. You create an opportunity for that person to do something great — and then, through automation, make that great thing repeatable and re-usable by others.

This is the fourth rule of workflow automation. Creating better workflow isn't about getting rid of the parts of your job you don't like. It's about doing more of the work you love. We hear amazing stories about what people do with the time they gained back in their workdays from automating business processes. I'll share three of those stories.

The nonprofit United Nations Development Programme Bangladesh strives to maximize its limited funds and workforce to help Bangladeshis overcome gender inequality, poverty and other challenges. It's hugely valuable work with direct impact on people's quality of life.

A manual procurement process – that could take up to 33 steps from request to approval – was costing UNDP Bangladesh valuable time that its staff members wanted to spend on advocacy work. By automating processes with Nintex Workflow, the nonprofit saved more than 5,000 work hours each year. "By adopting Nintex Workflow, we're able to do considerably more to keep Bangladesh headed in the right direction," says Shofiqul Islam of UNDP Bangladesh.

Mitchells & Butlers is the United Kingdom's largest operator of managed restaurants and pubs. While boasting many of the UK's best-loved brands, Mitchells & Butlers knows that new restaurants and pubs open every day and that providing topnotch customer service is critical to retaining and gaining customers.

That's why the company's retail business managers were frustrated to have to spend 30 to 60 hours every three months manually auditing forms. That manual process was "utterly counterproductive" and "kept the managers from adding real value to the company," says Ian Cutler of Mitchells & Butlers. By implementing Nintex Forms and Nintex Mobile, Mitchells & Butlers saved 23,400 hours a year in paperwork review, giving those managers more time to do work that added huge value, such as learning what kept customers coming back.

At New Belgium Brewing Co. in the United States, employee-owners are passionate about producing quality beer that consumers love. But manually coordinating all the details of new beer releases by sending emails back and forth was costing the company valuable time in a competitive market.

By automating its beer release processes with Nintex Workflow, New Belgium saved time that could be spent on brainstorming and perfecting new brews. "We saved days, weeks, sometimes months per beer," says Tye Eyden of New Belgium Brewing. "It's time we have back in our day or to refine the solution."

What incredible things could people accomplish if you gave them more time in their day?

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