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Nintex WPC Post: Living The Dream: Creating Processes Without Borders

Josh Waldo

By Josh Waldo, Vice President – Partner Strategy and Programs at Nintex

How can automation help save time and let you focus on doing what you love? As part of the four important rules in the new world of work series, this post will take a closer look at Rule #2: Create Processes Without Borders.

In a perfect world, everything would be easy. We'd wake refreshed each morning before our alarms, commutes would be all green lights and traffic-free, kids would eat their vegetables, and pets would walk themselves. Oh, and your organization's content-hosting platform? That would run smoothly, flawlessly and with just a few people needed to keep it going.

Unfortunately, life isn't always a dream – especially when it comes to content and the process around it. Because today, content lives across many different platforms. For example, consider what it takes to post a new piece of content on a corporate website and publicize it. The content could be created in Microsoft Word, uploaded to SharePoint or SharePoint online or saved to a shared internal drive, and backed up in OneDrive, BOX, or DropBox. Then, it could be routed via email to multiple reviewers and discussed over something like Skype for Business. When it's finally approved after countless email threads and IM messaging, the final content enters your company's content management system, and an email needs to go out to your social media team asking them to link to it from Twitter, Facebook, and Yammer.

Whew. That was a lot of busy work.

Automation: Bring the Dream to Life

Workflow automation takes all of these various pieces and brings them together to create cohesion among platforms and users. Nintex isn't built for a specific product. Instead, our platform is designed to fully automate any human-centric business process across heterogeneous environments. The best part? You don't have to reinvent the wheel with costly coding resources to achieve the desired workflow automation.

With A Little Help From Our Friends

Great integration can't happen when various parties work in silos. That's why our partner base is so crucial to achieving the most advanced and efficient workflow processes possible with their domain knowledge around business process and business analysis as well as key technology value adds.

By working closely with our partners, we're able to enhance our workflow automation platform in two key ways. First, to increase interoperability across various solutions, we have strong partnerships with technology companies that offer products and solutions that complement our platform. Together, our community and relationships allow us to increase interoperability around many scenarios where our customers live and work each day.  The second piece of our partnership ecosystem lies with our global solution partner network. Armed with the best possible platform, our partners help deploy workflows that fit with an organizations' way of doing business. Their global presence, knowledge of regional markets, and industry expertise allows our partners to provide high value professional services for customers around the world in any vertical market.

Our partners are trusted advisors for our customers, establishing ongoing, scalable solutions that allow end-users to operate more efficiently, while providing the flexibility to continue evolving workflows as the company evolves.

Organizations that automate processes have a distinct advantage over those that, each day, ask their people to sacrifice time, effort and sanity in the name of navigating what ends up feeling like arduous corporate red tape. When you give your employees a way to free themselves of inefficiencies, you free their time and minds to work on projects that are more productive, closer to their hearts and, ultimately, good for the future health of your business. The Nintex platform allows people to work inspired. And when your employees do that, they're truly living the dream

Workflow in a New World of Work

From boosting efficiency to inspiring business momentum, workflow automation transforms the way people get things done.