Nintex Establishes Japanese Subsidiary


Automating approval processes for business travel and time off reinforcing sales, aiming for 50% more customers

Nintex is to start full-scale business development in Japan for workflow solutions that can automate various approval processes in offices, including applications for business travel and time off. The company has established a Japanese subsidiary, and reinforces partner engagements for sales and product support. Nintex delivers its solutions to a wide range of industries, including finance and retail as well as manufacturing; it expects to conclude new agreements with at least 40 companies in one year.

Nintex has recently established Nintex Japan (Minato-ku, Tokyo), a wholly owned subsidiary. Nintex entered the Japanese market in 2009, through its center in Australia, but its responses in areas such as sales support have often been taking time. The company's Japan business has been significantly growing, so it is going to extensively reinforce its customer service.

Nintex's workflow solutions can be used as a cloud service, in combination with Microsoft's Office 365 business support software. It enables management systems to be set up easily; for example, employees can apply for business travel or time off using their computers, and supervisors can grant approval on screen. The solution can be used not only for work indirectly related to business, but also for such processes as product development approval in manufacturing.

Office 365 has its own workflow capabilities, but programming is needed to utilize it fully as a system. By combining Office 365 with Nintex' cloud capabilities, a system can be created easily without programming. Because the system is cloud-based, start-up costs are minimized. Monthly fees for the cloud service start at 63,000 yen (excluding tax).

In Japan so far, Nintex has provided its software and platform through six sales partners, including Hitachi Solutions and Japan Business Systems (Minato-ku, Tokyo). By establishing a Japanese subsidiary, Nintex expect to double its partners to 12. It currently has over 80 customers, mainly in the manufacturing industry, including precision machinery and heavy electrical manufacturers. Within a year, the company intends to increase that number by 50%.

Worldwide, Nintex has over 5,000 customers in 90 countries, and provides workflow software in 22 languages. In total, it has 8 million users, and over 1,100 sales partners such as IT companies.

A workflow system for processes such as applications and approvals can be created easily

  • Application for business travel
  • Application for time off
  • Product development approval
  • Nintex software/cloud
  • Connectivity
  • Office 365