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Nintex WPC Post: Mobile, Cloud & Social: Reach People Everywhere

Ryan Duguid

By Ryan Duguid, Vice President of Product at Nintex

The easier and more intuitive something is to use, the better the odds that users will adopt it. A key to making something easy to use and intuitive? Enable people to access content from anywhere and connect with them via the social channels they use regularly.

In a recent blog post "2 Secret Behind-the-Scenes Tricks to Get Everybody Using SharePoint," Nintex partner Aptera discusses a critical element of user adoption. "People will use a new tool if it's simpler than the older tool they're already using," writes Dennis Junk of Aptera.

One of the pillars of our platform is easy.Creating a new website or app for people to use as part of a workflow improvement project decreases the odds people will embrace it. Instead of making their workflow harder, process automation can (and should) meet them where they live.

Below are three ways that today's companies need to reach people:

On mobile devices: Making it easy for employees to work remotely via their mobile devices is a necessity. Increasingly, employees are working from home, from satellite offices, from field sites, from customer locations and from conferences. Mobile-friendly solutions let people work effectively on the go, such as when working at field sites.

BGC Engineering learned this firsthand after adopting a workflow solution to help its engineers collect data on tablets while in the field and relay that valuable data to the main office once they had a  connection. "I've grown up with technology and being able to have these applications available to me in my work, it's nice that we have this availability coming in engineering," says Annie Ruksys of BGC Engineering.

In the cloud: Nintex was by no means born in the cloud. When we started, we were a typical software company working on top of SharePoint. About three years ago, we decided to expand what was possible with our first foray into the cloud using Azure. We wanted to provide services faster to customers so they could connect workflows to Dynamics CRM, Yammer, DocuSign and other cloud services.

Realizing that companies want choices when it comes to their workflow solutions – SharePoint, Office 365 or hybrid – Nintex has worked hard to build an Office 365 product that gives people the rich experiences and features they know and love from the on-prem version, including the popular timesaver of LazyApproval, which lets people approve requests with just a one-word response via email.

Via social channels: Yammer, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the likes are the new means by which people connect – and even get work done. And that's barely scraping the surface of the variety of options now available for social connection online. Social gives organizations a fantastic channel for reaching employees, partners and customers because these people are already on social. Approximately 2.07 billion – or about 29% – of people worldwide are active on social media, according to the We Are Social January 2015 "Global Digital Snapshot."

Besides a means of reaching people, social channels provide a source of quality content. Retrieving and publishing content on these platforms is critical, and Nintex Connectors combined with Nintex Workflow provides an easy way to do that.

How can you better reach people on their mobile devices, working in the cloud or engaging on social channels?

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