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Nintex WPC Post: Three Rules for Workflow in the New World of Work

Mike Fitzmaurice

By Mike Fitzmaurice, Vice President - Workflow Technology at Nintex

If you want to do smarter, more effective and more interesting work (which, who are we kidding, of course you do), workflow is hugely important. However, too often, the philosophy behind workflow improvement leads to less than stellar results.

So much of what Nintex has achieved as a company is in response to a common mistake organizations make as they grapple with the demands of an increasingly complex, information-rich workplace. In trying to create better workflow processes, they'll spend months — even years —focusing on one process at a time, with the highest priority given to the process with the largest number of stakeholders. It typically takes forever to get started. By the time they're finished, the business needs have changed.

There's a better way to deal with these challenges, and we think it can be summed up in four rules:

Rule #1: Leave No Process Behind

When it comes to automating processes, it makes sense to sweat the small stuff. Because it's the little ones that can add up and create the biggest inefficiencies with an organization. So it's here that we should look for opportunities to automate.

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Rule #2: Create Processes Without Borders

Sometimes content tools play nicely with one another. Other times, they don't. To fully unshackle your time and attention, workflow automation must behave in a cross-content, cross-product, cross-service way.

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Rule #3: Be Where the User Is

A lot of failed workflow improvement projects fail because organizations create a new website or app that they force people to adopt and use. Instead of making their workflow harder, process automation can (and should) meet people where they already are.

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Inspire and Delight

When you help give someone back an hour that was previously spent on a small, time-consuming, routine task, you do more than save a company time and money. You create an opportunity for that person to do something great — and then, through automation, make that great thing repeatable and re-usable by others.

This is the unspoken fourth rule of workflow automation (although I suppose I've just spoken it, but we'll overlook that). Creating better workflow isn't about getting rid of the parts of your job you don't like. It's about doing more of what you love.

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Workflow in a New World of Work

From boosting efficiency to inspiring business momentum, workflow automation transforms the way people get things done.