New Releases for Nintex Workflow for Office 365 | 5/20/2014

The latest release of Nintex Workflow for Office 365 adds new capabilities like State Machines, RunIf, and Action labels. You can now design workflows using State Machine and RunIf actions to build agile, dynamic, and powerful processes with advanced logic.

With the new action labeling capability, users can easily label each action in their workflow design to describe the process in easy to understand terms. Watch the video for more details.

State Machines

Using state machines users can model workflow processes to jump between different levels of business logic in a way that's easy to understand and maintain. For example, if you have several levels of synchronous approvals (in processes like employee onboarding, document approval, advertisement creation process, sales order generation, etc.) and a certain level declines the request, then state machine allows you to go back to the previous level of approval.

RunIf Action

The RunIf action allows you encapsulate workflow actions to run only if a certain condition is met.

Label Your Workflows

Adding meaningful labels to your workflow actions helps users understand the process and its current status better. It provides context to business process owner for reviews and documentation, especially if they are not familiar with the action's icon.