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Digital Transformation, Intelligent Process Automation

How the Nintex Legal Team is Achieving Digital Transformation Through Automation

April 17, 2018, Author: Camden Hillas

The stereotypical image of an attorney is one crowded on all sides by piles of paper and books. The Nintex legal team can’t claim to be paper-free, but it is embracing the power of digital transformation to improve its support of the global sales organization and, by extension, improving the […]

Best Practices, Process Automation

Are Inefficient Processes to Blame for Shadow IT?

April 16, 2018, Author: Patrick Nguyen

A Definitive Guide to America’s Most Broken Processes from Nintex provides unique insight into the ways inefficient processes are hindering organizations. Download the report today. As employees, we often search for the quickest path to success. This can enable high levels of productivity, but when dealing with broken or inefficient processes, […]

Digital Transformation, Process Automation

Q&A with Nintex vTE Andrew Glasser

April 13, 2018, Author: Haley Burton

Andrew Glasser, a digital collaboration architect and SharePoint team lead at Nintex partner Intellinet, is a valued Nintex Virtual Technical Evangelist (vTE). vTEs are accredited members of the Nintex community recognized for their expertise with Nintex technologies. They represent Nintex and their partner organizations to help customers get the most from […]

Customer Success, Process Automation

Promoting a Compliant and Proactive Culture with the Nintex Platform

April 12, 2018, Author: Elise Harrington

It is no surprise that one of the UK’s largest water providers would be required to comply with strict government regulations. Increased regulation means increased responsibilities and requirements across all sectors of business. For Nintex customer Northumbrian Water, the requirements of increased regulation affect nearly every level of its operation. […]

Digital Transformation, Intelligent Process Automation

How Intelligent Process Automation is Accelerating Digital Transformation

April 11, 2018, Author: Ryan Duguid

Technology is in a constant state of innovation—innovation that is changing the business landscape from what it was only a decade ago. Traditional business models are being disrupted and the way we work is changing as IT becomes more ever-present across almost every organization. As tech becomes more integral and […]