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Defining Workplace 2021

A “new normal” is emerging that we must navigate together. As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches on into 2021, organizations across the U.S. are continuing to navigate the business implications of remote work and, in many cases, doing so with reduced staff. Within our newest survey, Nintex Workplace 2021 Study, we surveyed 1,000 American workers at companies with 501-50K+ employees to shed light on what matters to employees across multiple job roles and generations.

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Workplace 2021: How to Keep Employees Happy

Hear the results from the Nintex Workplace 2021 Study where we surveyed American workers about the pros/cons of remote work. You also will learn how fast it is to map and automate processes with Nintex. In this session, we demonstrate how to design and deploy an automated business travel authorization process with a COVID vaccine card.

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Key Findings from the Nintex Workplace 2021 Study

Employees are doing well working remotely

70% of respondents said their experiences working remotely during COVID-19 have been better and more productive than they expected.

Permanent flexibility is music to the ears of the majority

51% of all respondents said their work life would improve with the ability to permanently work remotely.

Employees want access to automation software to improve work life

39% of respondents said access to software that helps their team automate manual and repetitive tasks would improve their work life in 2021.

Converging events are impacting employee mental health

49% of those surveyed said they are not as happy during the pandemic, which is largely attributable to virus-related concerns and restrictions, including travel limitations, not remote work.

Generational differences exist; one size does not fit all

Baby Boomers report that more compensation would improve their work, while Gen Zers desire more software to help them automate aspects of daily routines.

Top 5 things remote workers need to be more productive

49% A more flexible work schedule
44% Better hardware equipment for home office
37% Software to more easily automate work
37% Working fewer hours each week
34% A 4-day workweek

How working remotely is better/more productive than expected by role

63% Coordinator
53% Specialist
74% Manager/Sr. Specialist
76% Director
83% VP
80% C-Suite

What would make "work better" varies by generation

Gen Z


Software to help me easily automate work



Better hardware equipment for my home office

Gen X


A more flexible work schedule

Baby boomers


An increase in pay

Top thing that would improve employee's work life in 2021 by generation

Gen Z


Work from allowance for faster WiFi, home office equipment



Work from allowance for faster WiFi, home office equipment

Gen X


Work from allowance for faster WiFi, home office equipment

Baby boomers


A raise

AI and automation-driven tools are being used to a big extent internally

75% VP/C-Suite
62% Managers/Directors
28% Coordinators/Specialists

Why employees love working remotely: flexibility and freedom

56% More time to spend with friends and/or family
48% More time to spend on hobbies like cooking
47% No commute
46% No dress code
31% More freedom to set my own schedule

Every organization can improve the experiences for their employees, regardless of where they work, by simply automating workflows and turning paper-based and repetitive processes into fully digital ones. Employees across every job role and generation are looking for workplaces that are flexible and offer automation tools that make work faster, easier, and more enjoyable.
— Nintex Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer Dustin Grosse —
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