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Machine Intelligence

Machine intelligence (MI) helps a workflow extract meaning from unstructured data, learning as it goes, to recognize words, predict images, and automatically anticipate the best path to approval. MI actively guides, assists, and propels automated processes forward–allowing you to achieve business outcomes as quickly and accurately as possible.

Strive for business performed intelligently


Instantly process and analyze piles of data to move workflows ahead


Put your systems to work learning from the past to become predictive


Intelligently flag content and process irregularities for additional attention

Explore Natural Language Processing and intelligent archiving

A key part of MI, Natural Language Processing (NLP) extracts meaning, sentiment, and other details from the volumes of text flowing through your business. It then analyzes and parses that data, allowing Nintex Advanced Workflow to move your business processes forward with minimal human intervention. Intelligent archiving uses this metadata to organize and pass your content to the appropriate systems of record, arranging and filing based on process variables such as county, department, or value.

Take advantage of machine learning

Imagine a workflow intuitively finding the best path to approval—based on the fact that a certain individual is slow to respond on Fridays. Or a workflow that flags you that a contract’s content seems amiss—allowing individuals to make changes before it gets too far downstream. Machine learning uses learnings from past events to predictively improve future ones.

Build in image recognition

Image recognition brings pictures and graphics into the natural-learning and data-parsing conversation. Leverage image recognition in the midst of a process to: intuit what a picture is (a boat? road? brand?), transcribe typed data from a form (OCR), or recognize sentiment (or even identity) from a facial scan. Then incorporate those insights into the business logic of the workflow.

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Big data, coupled with recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, is transforming almost every aspect of not only business, but everyday life.
/Matt Fleckenstein, Chief Marketing Officer, Nintex/

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