Why choose Nintex Promapp®

Understanding how your business operates is a crucial step to improvement. With the right business process mapping software you can easily discover and manage how work gets done throughout your organization. Nintex Promapp® creates a central source of truth, improves collaboration, and fosters a culture of process excellence. Our user-friendly interface enables your line of business employees to build effective process maps, identify opportunities for improvement, and automate time-consuming tasks.

Process mapping software for the modern age of business

In this ever-evolving modern era, innovation and agility are essential. Nintex Promapp® provides organizations with a dynamic, flexible, and highly collaborative business process management (BPM) solution which encourages your employees to embrace a culture of continuous improvement and innovate at the speed of modern business.


Build a center of process excellence

Organizations often face challenges in their digital transformation journey when they rely on leadership to drive new methodologies instead of harnessing the real engine of change – the line of business workers who know and use the processes. Nintex Promapp® allows for process owners to take responsibility for their team’s processes and create a strategic, collaborative approach to transforming the way they work.

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Real-time process collaboration

Drive a culture of process excellence by gathering feedback and improvements on your process maps directly from stakeholders. Nintex Promapp® helps you keep process information up-to-date with simple feedback loops and change logs. Process owners can be informed via email when suggestions are made, and respond and approve with one click.

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Standardize and disseminate process knowledge

Nintex Promapp® allows organizations to standardize, consolidate, and improve processes, creating a common set of processes and eliminating employee confusion. The visual process management platform eliminates operational inconsistencies and provides up-to-date process information to all staff members, wherever and whenever needed.

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