Intelligent Process Automation

Discover the era of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) an emerging set of technologies to advance your business by combining process automation with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine learning (ML). IPA choreographs connections among systems and people, automates structured tasks, and generates intelligence from process execution. What does this mean to you? An automated, futuristic toolkit that tackles business operations with unheard of levels of transparency, efficiency, and responsiveness previously impossible.

The 4th wave of automation is here

Artificial Intelligence--from machine learning to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and deep learning--changes the way modern workplaces innovate and operate.

IPA Timeline Graphic

Together, we pioneered the move to no-code process automation. Now we’re pushing forward. This is IPA: an emerging set of new technologies that combines process automation with RPA and machine learning.

Understand the intelligent future of automation


Take advantage of workflows and automation tools that are easy to design, understand, and use.


Enable process automation within your systems of record, with deeply integrated IPA capabilities.


Learn from intelligent actions that provide AI-as-service to optimize your critical business processes.

Get an intelligent look into business process

We all know bottlenecks interfere with business processes. It seems there is always a team member waiting for someone else to act or something else to happen. Discovering and alleviating broken processes is easier said than done. For the first time, enhanced technology gives you an inside look into your business processes, allowing you to recognize and unblock bottlenecks, connect disconnected systems, and automate actions that prevent your business from innovating.

Enhance communication

Day in and day out, people and systems need to connect to the data and content they need. Content to automate approvals. To redline. To route and manage documents. And maintain insight into where things are in the process. Discover the power of intelligent communication and the next level of collaboration. The advantage of new connections and forward-looking ways to succeed moving you at the speed of business.

Improve accuracy

Remove human error from business processes while improving regulatory and policy compliance. Instead of relying on employees to accurately re-key data or complete tasks to comply with regulations or policies, IPA performs these rote tasks in seconds—without human intervention. Or human error.

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