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Invest in your greatest asset—people

Businesses are constantly evolving. Policies change, procedures change, processes change and the need for updated training typically follows. Keeping employees up to date and helping them adapt to change are key to maintaining a well-informed workforce.

Capabilities Used

Your business doesn’t stand still, nor should employee development

Standing still can kill your business. Make sure your staff is constantly advancing so that you can continue to move forward to stay competitive and compliant and to maximize potential.

Use the Nintex Platform to share training programs and track usage

Integrate LMS (Learning Management Systems) with HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) to streamline data entry. Flag employees who need training, and route the appropriate coursework. Track which employees have taken training courses, and which haven’t.

The benefits

Close skill gaps

With regular training, you can more easily identify skill gaps within your existing workforce.

Keep up with industry changes

Ensure that staff are using all the latest technologies comfortably and to their full potential.

Increase job satisfaction

Through continued training investments, your employees can have a higher sense of job satisfaction.

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