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Top 10% of talent is hired within 10 days of posting an opportunity. Make sure your recruitment processes work as fast as you do.

Recruitment is no easy task. Whether you’re hunting for the elusive purple unicorn, filling an entry-level position—or anything in between—delays and snags in the recruitment process are costly. For the hiring firm, it might mean losing the talent you’re after. For candidates, it means uncertainty that could push them to pursue other options.

Process delays can cost you top candidates

There are plenty of opportunities for recruitment processes to fall short of the mark. From job-posting challenges and interview coordination failures, to poor interview processes or a lack of interview feedback recordkeeping, virtually every step of the process is an opportunity for hiccups and lost time.

The Nintex Platform drives automated events that start with the requisition and end with new hire onboarding

Receive alerts when new applications are received. Automatically schedule interviews in Outlook. Use standardized forms to capture candidate feedback. Set notifications with the interview loop to expedite the hiring decision. Integrate automated workflows with applicant tracking systems, payroll, and HR.

The benefits

Data accuracy

Digital workflows and forms improve data accuracy and streamline the applicant process.

More time

Recruiters gain time back that can be spent engaging with candidates or interviewing applicants.

Better candidate experience

Workflows help to stay in contact with candidates, giving them timely updates on the position.

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