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Preparing for when disaster strikes

Manufacturing and energy companies lead the way in ensuring equipment and services are at their best. But things can still go wrong. From gas leaks and power outages to oil spills, the way companies respond can mean the difference between a managed event and catastrophe.

Coordination and communication are essential

During a disaster, providing disparate departments and agencies with up-to-the-minute information is paramount. This can prove challenging in a hectic situation when different teams use different communication equipment and methodologies.

Be at your best when it matters most

With Nintex Advanced Workflow, Modern Forms, and DocGen™ disaster response can be orchestrated efficiently. First responders can quickly provide key information to follow-up response teams, provided much-needed visibility internally and to the public.

The benefits


Automated activation lets response teams move quickly.


Immediate distribution of information allows for quick and clear approvals.


Keep all teams on the same page and working together.

Ready to make the leap?