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Automating purchase requests lets you get down to business quickly

Your employees need to place and track orders for everything from stationery and equipment, to anything else that helps them succeed. Managing stacks of manual, paper purchase requests is a waste of time and money.

Delays in purchasing can cost you

A manual purchase request process can bring the purchasing department to a standstill. Customers get nervous when their projects fall behind, visibility to budget overruns is difficult, and auditing is nearly impossible. And it can be hard to know if you’re getting the best price from vendors and suppliers.

Automated purchasing processes clear the path to better business

Digital workflows automatically generate request forms, trigger multi-level approvals, and ensure compliance from inception to audit. Capture purchase requests with Nintex Modern Forms, create multi-level approvals based on budget authorization, and make sure the right people are authorizing each purchase request. Reduce the risk of internal fraud while ensuring governance, reducing errors and capturing an audit trail. Integrate with existing ERP systems to streamline inventory management, set current and incoming stock, and discover bottlenecks before they hamper your cash flow.

The benefits

Improve data accuracy

Digital workflows and forms provide more accurate data and streamline the purchase request process.

Increase control

Multi-level approvals ensure that the people with the right authority make informed and timely decisions.

Save time

Spend less time floundering in the purchase request process and more time supporting customers.

Ready to make the leap?