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Automatically provision user accounts

An automated provisioning process helps IT ensure that the right users have access to the right applications and infrastructure. It also provides a centralized view of all application credentials.

Grant access to the right people

Employees can’t do their jobs without computers, email, phones, and database and application access. The security risks and inefficiencies of manual provisioning processes can create problems for IT pros.

Automated provisioning workflows gather information, route approvals, and send notifications

Save time with forms that capture all required data and then automatically route the provisioning request to the correct approver. Keep full audit trails of user account access, software licenses, and equipment. Ensure authorized users have appropriate access to ensure security and privacy compliance.

The benefits

Improve security and privacy

Enforce security policies, ensures compliance, and manage employee permissions.

Enforce regulatory compliance

Strengthen information access with user-centric audit logs to enforce access control for sensitive data.

Improve employee productivity

IT administrators can centrally manage consolidated user accounts, saving time.

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