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Ensuring clinics and hospitals are fully staffed

Healthcare facilities rely on independent physician contracts to ensure that they are staffed with the right personnel. These contracts are important for maintaining compliance and patient satisfaction.

Getting doctors set up can be tricky

Onboarding new doctors is typically a paper-based process that requires individual determination of rate, hours, and other specifics. It requires multiple points of approval, including routing to a valuation firm to authenticate fair market value.

Bringing physicians in easily

With Nintex Advanced Workflow, Modern Forms, and DocGen™ administrators can now easily generate contracts and route for internal and external signatures and approvals. The medical specialists they need contracted are on-call quickly and easily, making sure patients are connected to the caregivers they need.

The benefits

Easy Creation

Create a complete contract by quickly filling out a short form.


Quickly drive internal and external approval & signatures.


Route through fair market value checks and ensure contracts are in place to keep healthcare facilities compliant.

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