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Cash on every opportunity

The key to automating opportunity management is putting your CRM data to work. Use processes to cut the administrative tasks of managing sales opportunities in your CRM system. Then bypass your inbox, auto-assign tasks, and trigger actions, alerts, and follow-ups.

Don’t miss sales opportunities

Sales teams often drown in paperwork, too busy to tend to their core business functions. From taking notes on paper, to manually entering leads, to duplicate data entry, it’s a wonder sales managers can respond to sales opportunities at all. Missing leads—or failing to follow up on them—is a missed opportunity, and can cost a company revenue.

Automate record entry, trigger alerts, and auto-generate documents to streamline busy work

Capture details on a mobile form that will automatically create a lead in your CRM system. Build workflow rules that manage messages to your leads and contacts—without opening your inbox. The workflows will monitor CRM activity in the context of your workflow rules. When a rule is met, the workflow will send the email for you. Generate task reminders and notifications for added accountability on important deals. Metadata enables proper routing, allocation, and tracking of leads.

The benefits

More time for selling

On average, sales reps spend 16% of their day performing manual and other administrative tasks. Cut the clutter to focus on leads.

Improve sales forecasting

Updated opportunities results in more accurate sales forecasting and higher win rates.

Take your work in your pocket and go

Today’s workforce is mobile, and if you want to get the best work out of your sales people, you need to give them every tool it takes to be productive on the go.

Ready to make the leap?