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Setting your people up for success

Whether it’s a new employee, contractor, or military recruit, bringing in government personnel and getting them up and approved and onboarded is vital to the effectiveness of government agencies.

Red-tape delays deployment

In government agencies, stringent medical and background checks and requisitioning of needed equipment can be challenging. There are often multiple actions and approvers along the way. The longer this takes, the longer it takes for important resources to be available to perform critical functions.

Get people onboard and ready to perform

With Nintex Advanced Workflow, Modern Forms, and DocGen™ recruiters can quickly complete and route job requisitions for approval. They can easily post jobs, interview candidates, and hire recruits. Then complete medical and background checks and get them onboarded into effective roles. When manual steps are automated, government agencies become better staffed and more effective.

The benefits


Replace manual processes with forward-moving workflows.


Multiple departments are automatically connected to the process.


Recruits know where they are in the process and get the needed information to ramp into their new role.

Ready to make the leap?