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Building a thriving contract lifecycle

It’s not surprising poor contract lifecycle management results in lost revenue (estimates state up to 9.2%*)—but broken contract lifecycle processes put much more than revenue at risk. Take your contract lifecycle to the next level by automating contracting processes to discover a boost in productivity, increased compliance, a better bottom line, happier salespeople, and the time for teams to focus on customer success.

* Source: Accenture, “How software maintenance fees are siphoning away your IT budget—and how to stop It”, 2014; IDC/Flexera:

Pick up money left on the table

Contract management is perhaps the most critical job in the world of finance and therefore the most stressful—particularly when improper processes are in play. With so much on the line, companies cannot afford the risk of poor policy compliance, inaccurate information, and delayed sales cycles. Workflow automation replaces risk with opportunity.

Powering contract management through workflow

Replace busywork, remove error, and improve compliance with a workflow that auto-generates contracts and routes them for review, automatically tracking changes along the way. A process that secures contract access and ensures compliance. And one that triggers notifications, electronically collect e-signatures—and even get sign-off when the signer is out of the office.

Contact management diagram

Make the most of getting back time

Experience how much time—and value—your company gets back by automating tedious, manual processes. Our automated and intelligent systems make work … less work.

Create data-driven contracts

Auto-generate contracts in Word, PDF, or Excel file formats, eliminating lost paperwork and version confusion.

Increase control

Multi-level reviews and approvals ensure the right people with the right authority review the contract.

Save time

Spend less time managing contracts and more time driving sales.

Ready to make the leap?