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Patient trials: the lifeblood of clinical recruitment

Getting new meds approved requires patients—but the patient recruitment process can be challenging. Different stages of patient trials are a critical component to ensure new life-changing medications are safe for the public, and to bring them to market.

The challenge of recruiting patients

Recruiting enough participants to test a new medication requires several stages of patient trials that can require 1,000, 10,000, and even 100,000 trial participants—with each trial looking for patients with specific medical conditions. Digital direct-to-patient recruitment strategies have been gaining popularity but routing a potential patient this way—and ensuring their privacy and compliance—can be challenging.

Ensuring privacy: from ad-response to participant

A crucial step in clinical trials is determining whether an ad response could be a viable participant. With the Nintex Platform, potential patients can discover trial opportunities, fill out a digital form, learn initial information upfront, and receive a call from a trial recruitment specialist—to be on their way to participation. All the while, vital information is routed, documented, and archived, preserving privacy and ensuring company compliance.

The benefits


Save time and stress by automating the challenging process of discovering and routing patients.


By removing tedious, manual steps, recruitment can scale to the levels required to meet each trial’s needs.


Critical, private patient data is kept secure ensuring the company meets key compliance requirements.

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