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Control how your money works for you

Proper budgeting shows you how you’ve allocated your money and helps prevent overspending. Having visibility into what’s unallocated lets you put your money to work in the right places.

Capabilities Used

Don’t let your budget go to waste

Undedicated budget is not always visible beyond the immediate budget owner. The process for identifying and following up on unallocated funds is manual and time consuming and results in missed opportunities. The sooner unused budget can be identified, the sooner it can be reallocated.

Automated workflow manages requests, and notifies and updates budget owners

Route alerts and notifications by relevance to the correct budget owners. Create a single portal to view and manage all pending tasks and notifications. Easily visualize the communication structure.

The benefits

Save time

Stop chasing budget owners, or waiting for them to reply to email.

Get visibility into spending

Gain a full view of all undedicated budget.

Improve productivity

Take the guesswork out of budget forecasting by automatically collecting information from budget owners.

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