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Keeping vital equipment up and running

Advanced Equipment Service is a critical component of the energy industry—keeping everything from oil refineries to wind turbines generating the energy that powers the world. Accelerate your AES processes to keep equipment at peak performance.

Manual repair requests mean crucial down time

Traditional break/fix processes entail a machine going down, someone noticing, determining who to contact to send a service technician, and the inevitable wait for the tech to be dispatched, diagnose, and repair work to be done. This all leads to down time and a loss of important output. With workflow automation, it is also completely avoidable.

Quick-response optimizes uptime

With Nintex Advanced Workflow, Modern Forms, and DocGen™, response maintenance time accelerates—allowing more to get done in less time. Automate steps from the maintenance request form to approval, dispatch, repair, record updating, and invoicing—while key data instantly flows to the person who needs it to perform their unique step in the process.

The benefits


Remove unnecessary, repetitious steps that bog things down.


Accelerate time-to-completion with steps that instantly progress on their own.


Arm field techs with vital information so they can diagnose en route and resolve upon arrival.

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