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In our new Nintex Solutions Showcase series, you’ll learn more about real-world solutions that have been implemented by our customers and partners to drive organizational success. Connect with experts in the global Nintex Community to see how you can achieve more with the Nintex Process Platform by leveraging pre-built configurable process maps and automation templates from the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery. See you there!


Automation in Biotech

SEPTEMBER 14, 2021 | 10 PM PDT

Learn how to digitally transform life sciences operations and streamline manufacturing processes with process automation.

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Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery

We are committed to making process management and automation powerful, easy to use and quick to deploy across organizations. Realize the benefits of automation faster than ever before – view all the potential solutions that Nintex can provide on the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery. Visit the gallery to see the available templates from workflows, process maps, or RPA Botflows™.