APAC Product Deep Dive Series: Nintex Promapp®

See how you can establish total visibility and control over your enterprise processes with Nintex Promapp.

When it’s successful, business process management (BPM) is about building and sustaining process improvements. It’s much more than just technology – it’s teams of people, motivated by committed leaders, working together to continuously find better ways of doing things.

Nintex Promapp® is process management software that helps companies build, improve, and share their process knowledge from a central online repository. We simplify process mapping so business teams can own and improve their own processes.

In this webinar series, Nintex Promapp expert Thomas Kohlenbach will take you through a deep dive of our process mapping solution. See how you can easily create and find clear, simple processes, and enable organisation-wide collaboration. You’ll also learn how you can integrate your processes with vital business activities, such as connecting incidents and risk treatments to the processes they affect.

Episode 1: Introduction to Nintex Promapp for process management
Episode 2: Identify control gaps with improvement and incident tracking
Episode 3: Manage enterprise risk and ensure regulatory compliance
Episode 4: Enable consistent employee onboarding and training

Watch on-demand now to see how you can cultivate and sustain a continuous process improvement culture at your organisation with Nintex Promapp, empowering your teams to increase business agility and deliver a better customer experience.


Thomas Kohlenbach

Thomas Kohlenbach
Senior Product Specialist, Nintex